Man, this show LOVES bringing back old characters. Mindy happens to run into old flame, Pastor Casey, giving her hope that they could get back together. Jody is still dating Morgan’s virgin girlfriend but is also still in love with Mindy (yawn). And Ne-Yo guest stars as Mindy’s new flame, Marcus. So many men… just in time for a classic Mindy season finale of hot men fighting for Mindy. Hey, I’m not complaining — why fix what ain’t broke?

The Shulman and Associates Musical Theater Appreciation Society (two members: Mindy and Jeremy) go out for dinner after a viewing of Hamilton.

Mindy looks fab. I mean, love this red dress with embellished sleeves.

And I am a sucker for matching nails:

Sidenote: not only has Mindy had a chance to see Hamilton once, but TWICE. HAMILTON. The musical that’s sweeping the nation… perpetually sold out… seats being sold for thousands of dollars… a daily ticket lottery where no one ever wins and I’m convinced is all a scam… all right, sure, Mindy Project. (Not bitter)

At dinner, Mindy gets a text that their meal has been paid for. By none other than pastor-turned-shoe-mogul, Casey:

Mic drop.

The next day, she tells the office that she wants to get back together with him in this very baby pink outfit.

Look, I don’t hate the Chanel bag (who could ever hate a pink Chanel bag?) But I don’t love the tweed jacket.

Nor do I love this pink Charlie Brown vest.


Her outfit to try to win Casey back though? DAAAAAMNNN MINDY.

Meat sword and all, this strapless black dress is hot.

Just TRY to make it hotter, Mindy. Just TRY.

Yowza. All right.

Cropped quilted leather jacket FTW:

Unfortunately, a hot, leather outfit does not an actual date make. Casey informs her that, in fact, this is not a date. And furthermore — his friends hate her. Especially Marcus (seriously played by R&B singer Ne-Yo).

I gotta say, I love a simple black-and-white print. And this kills it for me. Sure, it’s typical Mindy — vest and button down — but the necklace really punches it up.

So what does Mindy do about Casey? No, she does not let it go or find someone else or spend time with her son (hey, no judgment — just wondering where Leo is). She tries to get his friends to like her.

And how could they not?

I think this might be one of my favorite dresses of the season. Kind of reminds me of her dress in the holiday party episode in season 3.


Unfortunately, she wins over everyone except Ne-Yo. But that’s OK — because now Casey wants to date her again.

I love plaid, so there’s no question I would love this jacket. But she looks so cute in her outfit and red shoes.

And she should definitely put her hair up more often.


She falls off the hoverboard (of course she does), and has to go home. But that’s A-OK — she can now get it on with… PIZZA RAT?!

The flags don’t get redder than this.

The next day, she realizes she doesn’t actually want to date him and finds him annoying.

I don’t… really… get this outfit. Can anyone else explain it to me?

After being invited by Marcus, Jeremy and Mindy go to the Hamilton rip-off, James Buchanan, Bachelor President, where she feels guilty about continuing to date Casey.

I have to say, her outfit for the show is pretty unique. Almost looks like reptile scales:

I’m pretty into it.

That is until I’ve moved onto the next fabulous outfit.

This daisy dress is the stuff of adorable, black dress dreams.

And sure, try to make it cuter. I dare you. Just try.

I love her camel jacket. Also, love her rings and Vita Fede bangle.

And speaking of eye candy…

I’ve never been a huge fan of Ne-Yo nor have I ever been sick of love songs. But for a suitor for Mindy, he’s probably the least weird and definitely the most mature. And most importantly, the best dressed.

So, will Ne-Yo be sticking around? Will we get more Ne-Yo, less Leo? And seriously… will this god-awful Jody and Mindy storyline ever die?