Real. Talk. While this show serves catchy jams, straight-up melodrama and some truly magnificent male shirtlessness, we’re all coming back week after week for one main reason: Taraji P. Henson and her supernatural ability to take every damn thing Paolo Nieddu throws at her and turn it around into effortless eleganza couture. These two are the Cher and Bob Mackie of a new generation and it is our privilege to peep it on the weekly. Cookie Lyon has rocketed to the top of every list of Top TV Divas Of Ever due to no small part to her extreme lewks week after week. With the season two finale filling our screens this week, the time is right to revisit some style highlights from this past year. Shout out to my co-recapper Anthony, who slung many of the Bon mots below. Let’s do this thing, babies!

This chill denim romper with the silk bandanna from Poor Yorick says, “I’m in charge and I don’t owe you a damn thing.” We’re so down with the purple lip, too — all day for the kids.

In Be True, Cookie gets down to business in her version of a power suit. Which is, naturally, a Barbie pink blazer, clingy white top, and floral print hi-lo skirt. And I’m sure it was a total accident her (hot pink, snakeskin) bag is sitting perfectly centered next to her on that side table.

Gurl, we am getting LIFE looking at these disco sleeves as seen in A High Hope for a Low Heaven. The massive corset/belt with all them buckles is throwing us back to the drag scene in 2009 and it ain’t a cute stroll down memory lane. But them SLEEVES. Cookie’s coming and wants the world to show, and she gonna let it show. She is literally every one of us in these scene after talking to a man: clutching a glass of red wine, grabbing the bottle to go, and serving the sideiest of eyes.

We are always here for Cookie’s CEO lqqks and she’s back to form with sickening jumpsuit in True Love Never. Girl was feeling herself too because we could barely pin down a shot when she’s standing still. Lovingg the perfume bottle pattern — expensive banjee bae.

In My Bad Parts girlfriend was all about color and volume, both of which this look has in spades. From the aviators to the slouchy cardi to the TWO BAGS, it’s all on point. And when you want to make sure your shoes get peeped: carry them in your hand.

As far as looks, this one from Sinned Aginst is fairly simple but that one pop of teal in there got us good. This is Casual Cookie still slaying y’all.

When it’s time to throw a coat over your casual daytime look, go big or go home. You can literally not get any bigger than this coat featured in Et Tu, Brute?. This coat gets its own area code. Basically, this is the Cookie Lyon of coats and we want her to wear this every single week.

At first blush, this button-down from Death Will Have His Day seems like a crisp classic… until you notice, holy mother of fashion, the damn thing has GOLD STUDS ON THE SLEEVES. All day for this take on business cazh and for the perf purple lip too.

Then came the moment from A Rose By Any Other Name when Mama C knotted up this tape measure scarf like it’s just a casual piece you’d wear to lunch. COOKIE. GIRL. OK WITH THIS LOOK THE HOUSE DOWN. You’ve won immunity for next week’s challenge and may join the other girls.

The Tameness of a Wolf served up this purple graffiti fur coat — paired with leopard print gloves! — that Cookie put on display at Camilla’s funeral. You wanna talk brass? She is plated in it, henry. This is even better than wearing red to a funeral. Like, sure, someone’s dead but we’re living. Cookie kept this one for a few scenes including this one where they scouted locations for the video. Y’all know that was Taraji’s call wanting to wear that one for as long as possible.

Bringing it back to business, in Time Shall Unfold we get this flaw free Cookie workwear, combining the raw animal  magnetism of a tiger print with the fussy collar and cuffs of an elementary school Vice Principal. The belt veers it from tasteful to full-on bonkers, which is where Cookie so comfortably lives every day of her life. Miss Lyon, if you’re nasty.

And then More Than Kin happened and NOW THIS IS THE T, HENRI. That weave is waving HAY GURL and this peacock dress is giving me full 70s fantasy. And as I’m typing, I just clocked the suede boots and I’m screaming.

And again in The Lyon Who Cried Wolf: COOKIE. OK WITH THIS LOOK. I mean, every. single. scene. this week. Impeccable. And the thing is this is a casual look for Cookie. This was her, “I need to give these kids the business today so I’ll wear something simple.” Yeah, the dress is simple but the look is not. It’s a head to toe look and if she passed you on the street, you’d clock a successful business woman.

And just when you think she can’t top her own high standard we get her Rise By Sin red carpet lqqk. WHAT. IS. HAPPENING. We can’t even take this magnificence in all at once so we’ll go piece by piece. First up is the head suit, which is sort of like if you went fishing in a magic koi pond and a sort of Frog Prince scenario happened and the koi fish turned into the world’s more eleganza woman but has to keep the net on her face at all times or else she’ll turn back into a fish again.

We left things with Cookie moulting a little in the hospital with Jamal in the danger zone, but you know as soon as they stitch up that little gunshot situation she’ll be fully into her season finale fashion parade. Because if there’s one thing a queen doesn’t miss, it’s her final curtain call.


We couldn’t not include this final look from the season two finale because COME. ON.

That ain’t no regular pattern on that High Drag For Your Nerve outfit. That’s original Le Snob couture and Cookie is laying it out card by card for you heauxs and you wanna know what I’m doing? I AM GAGGING, HONEY. This literally needs no words because she’s actually covered with them but if I had to choose three words to describe it, I think I’d go with GUUURRRRRRLLLLLLLL QWWWWEEEEEEEEEENNNNNN and the last one I can’t spell because it’s just a high pitched squeal while I wave my finger in the air for seven minutes.

It’s going to take us all summer to come down after this lewk. See you for season three, childrence!