After a blind date with Neel, a super hot Indian guy, Mindy confronts the fact that she’s … less than in-touch with her Indian heritage. Meanwhile, Jody and Morgan fight over a woman who’s saving herself for marriage but meh. What really matters is that Leo is adorable and a baby Mindy once told a Hindu priest to “go F” himself.

Mindy in baby blue is an unusual turn of events, but I’m not opposed to it. Granted, it isn’t the most flattering color on her, but I love the quilting and embellishment.

And I don’t often pull focus to Mindy’s makeup, but for real, how great does she look with the dark berry lip and lined eyes? Loving this look — it’s not natural, but it’s as close to natural as a dark berry lip can be. And it looks great. Mindy should rock this on the red carpet IRL.

Mindy ends up calling Neel to prove she’s not a coconut, but let’s be real:

Does she really need an excuse? This guy is fine. FOINE, even. Like, the girl tried an LDR with the ginger dude from “Workaholics.” Neel is a tall drink of water if glasses of water did CrossFit. Call me, Neel.

In an alternate universe, Mindy plays a sassy bounty hunter and this is her outfit. In this universe, she’s just looking adorbs to pick up baby Leo from Danny’s apartment.

I’m loving that we’re occasionally seeing a more casual but still cute Mindy. The other week we saw some Converse, this week we’re seeing a leather moto and some skinny jeans. It’s nice to see Mindy looking sexy and comfy in single mom gear.

This dress, on the other hand, is … upsetting? Is that the word I’m looking for? You guys, I drank like an entire bottle of rose before writing this, and I can’t guarantee that this dress isn’t the reason.

WHY, THOUGH. Why is she wearing this birds of paradise print dress that was definitely the pattern on at least one piece of furniture on my grandparents’ Palm Springs house?

So it wasn’t till I started seeing Mindy in traditional Indian outfits that I realized how brilliant her costuming has been for years. Because you guys?

This isn’t so different from this:

YOU GUYS COORDINATING IS IN HER HERITAGE. I can’t believe this never made sense before, but her outwear is coordinating with her top because she might date white guys, but her fashion sense proves she can’t escape her roots.

I mean, look at how fabulous she and her mom are. Of course Mindy would grow up to coordinate her Chanel purses with an accent color in her patterned Chanel tweed suit.

Mindy caps off the episode in this sleek electric blue dress, because when you confront your ex about conflicting cultural rituals, you want to look on point. And she does.

Love that we get the little pop of her power color, Elle Woods Pink, as an accent color to her super flattering bright blue dress. That power pink allows her to ask Danny to put Leo’s shaved hairs in the Ganges on his way back from Italy, so clearly, the pink is working. She also might have stolen my glasses as an accessory. I can’t be sure. Has anyone seen my glasses?