If movies have taught us anything, it’s that 1) the underdog always wins, 2) dramatic rain storm = epic kiss, and 3) the night before a wedding is always, always, filled with the dramz.

Everything starts out just fine with a rehearsal dinner at 4D featuring some questionable lasagna and our favorite Maid of Honor and Best Man, Jess and Nick. Nick cleans up so well I just really wish he’d do it more often. If you put a man in a well-tailored suit, you can’t go wrong.

Jess is the picture of classic elegance with her light blue dress and decorative pockets, but Jess being Jess, there has to be just a touch of something playful. Her sparkly heels are so, so fun and add just the right amount of bedazzle. But her best accessory? Her and Nick’s matching walkie-talkies.

The bride and groom are as gorgeous and dapper as ever. It’s no big surprise that Schmidt looks exceptionally put together seeing as how he is the poster child of good suiting, and he doesn’t disappoint in this charcoal number.

Our bride to be is flawless as usual in this coral shift dress by Cynthia Steffe. If anyone knows how to pull off comfy chic, it’s definitely Cece. Her hair has seen better days but she’s probably too bummed about her mom not coming to the wedding to care that much about it.

Things start to get a little nuts when Jess and Cece find an engagement ring in Sam’s jacket pocket and, understandably, start freaking out a tad. Jess tries to be happy about it (hi, red flag?) but when Sam tries to snag her for a tête-à-tête, Jess panics and avoids him by starting up a rousing game of our beloved True American.

Jess’s cloud pajamas are outrageously adorable and while Cece is the bride and resident model, her pajama game doesn’t come close to Jess’s. Although, I wouldn’t say no if that floral robe happened to make its way into my closet.

Nick and Schmidt were also in a bit of a panic because Schmidt lost the flash drive with his vows. Their sleepwear is pretty unremarkable since Schmidt decided to forgo his kimono that night but at least the wreath of pictures they’re standing by is pretty freaking cute.

And despite trying to not get completely blasted so that they could recreate his vows, they failed rather spectacularly. It probably doesn’t help that the game starts with a shotgun.

The best part about True American is how insane everyone is about it. Winston, still in his rehearsal dinner duds, is owning that beer. The patterned chambray shirt with the dark gray jacket is a great combo and good thing he looks good because Winnie the Bish had a pretty big night.

After thinking he scared Aly away with a casual marriage comment, he finds out that it wasn’t his commitment that sent her running, but the questionable lasagna. And despite the uncontrollable vomiting, they said “I love you” to each other for the first time.

Aly and Winston are such a great fit and while it’s so good to finally see Winston happy, I have to admit that it’s been pretty fun to see this side of Aly’s style. Her navy dress is impeccable and her hair is seriously giving Jess and Cece a run for their money.


Okay, wait, I take it back. The actual best part about True American is…COACH! He’s back! He’s back in all of his matching tracksuit glory and I’m so thrilled.

The beer crown and flag cape is just icing on the cake.

It’s a good thing the whole gang’s in town for the wedding because it looks like the dramz is inching closer and closer to the fan. Schmidt leaves in the middle of the night all mysterious like and it turns out Sam didn’t want to marry Jess just as much as she didn’t want to marry him. He dumps her for Diane (yeah, that Diane) and tells her the glaringly obvious — she still has feelings for Nick.