Schmidt and Cece’s wedding day is finally here! Not here? Schmidt. That’s right, the groom snuck out in the middle of the night to catch a flight to Portland and convince Cece’s mom to come to the wedding. And while that is quite possibly one of the most romantic and loving things I’ve seen…this seriously can’t go well.

The bride’s side of the day starts out just as it should: make-up and mimosas. Cece is still disappointed that her mom isn’t coming to her wedding but she seems to be taking it in stride. Maybe the champagne is helping?

Jess is carrying out her duties as maid of honor cum make-up artist in a super cute ruffled robe. Should’ve know that the queen of fabulous pajamas would have an awesome robe or two up her sleeve. And while she’s juggling her M.O.H. duties and coaching Nick through his missing groom and why-won’t-Reagan-be-my-girlfriend crises (oh, right- surprise! – Reagan’s here), she’s trying to sort out something pretty big: she might still have her own feelings for Nick.

What’s a wedding without an unwanted guest or two? Reagan surprises everyone when she shows up to attend the wedding as Nick’s guest. And while she’s not technically unwanted, per se, I’m sure Jess could’ve used an extended Reagan-less interlude to figure herself out.

Considering that her fashion repertoire has thus far been mostly low cut tops and mini skirts, Reagan does nicely in this modest one-shouldered number. And maybe it was because she was at a wedding or that Jess gave her the most amazing, and selfless, pep talk, but she decided to take Nick up on his relationship offer…and then invite him to spend three months with her in New Orleans.

It wouldn’t have been hard to figure out that the moment Schmidt stepped onto that plane he was doomed to miss the wedding. And he did. Stuck on a tarmac for God knows how long, he told everyone to go ahead with the party. Considering that their idea of stalling is getting everyone liquored up on champagne, I’d say the party had already started anyway. Schmidt joined in via FaceTime and while everyone seemed to have a good time the real party started when he finally made it back to the apartment.

With a little help from his groomsmen, Schmidt freshened up and went off to get married in the loft. Everyone looks so handsome in their khaki suits and it totally would’ve worked with their vineyard venue outside and under the sun. Schmidt looks a tad rumpled but the poor guy’s had a bit of a rough day so…we’ll let it slide.

Jess looks amazing in her maid of honor dress and is totally slaying it in the cleavage department.

She’s also totally slaying it in the BFF department. Helping the man you might love get together with another woman? Holding an iPad up to your face all day so your best friends can try to enjoy their wedding day? Personally turning your bestie’s nightmare wedding gown into the dress of her dreams?

Oh, right! The dress.

It’s no surprise that Cece would make the most breathtaking bride and she is absolutely radiant. Jess did a magnificent job in transforming Cece’s dress with that gorgeous gold embroidery.

Cece’s mother showed up after all and it’s not hard to see where Cece gets her stunning looks. After a year of weekly voice messages from Schmidt telling her how much he adored her daughter and how much she would regret not seeing her daughter married, Mrs. Parekh was finally convinced that Schmidt and Cece belonged together.

And they lived happily ever after.

Well, at least until next season. Can’t wait to see what these newlyweds get up to, what happens with Jess and Nick, and if Winston has expanded his bird shirt collection. Stay tuned!