So much wedding planning, so little time! This week we got a look into wedding dress drama with Jess, Schmidt (almost) lost his job, and Aly and Winston announced that they’re an official couple (YAY!).

First off, does everyone remember that wedding dress purchase disaster where the girls bought a dress and it turned out to be very much non-returnable?

Well, you might also remember that Jess promised to fix it. And here we are, with a dress that is very much not fixed. Sequins: check. Ruffles: check. Cap sleeves (???): check. This is like one of those really bad “Say Yes to the Dress” episodes where even the grandma disapproves. Yikes. Fortunately, Jess has her arts & crafts outfit on and is ready to do whatever it takes.

We got a little glimpse of Aly and Winston at the breakfast table, which was adorable as hell. We’ve been waiting for this all season. For their faces to be together, communally judging Nick for wanting to text Reagan.

This is so much better than Aly’s cat man boyfriend actor agent?? Please help with his job description.

Jess’s lack of inspiration in the loft leads Schmidt to bring her to his very own wedding inspiration workshop, which happens to be the men’s bathroom at work.

Wow, never knew that there could be such a plus to being the only male in the office! A personal workshop, which includes a mini fridge. Don’t mind if I do! And we get to see Schmidt in a suit and tie, which is what he excels at. Always.

Being as slick as she is, Jess gets caught in the office, pretends to be a temp, and is sent by Schmidt’s very mean boss to pick up her kids at school.

Hey, at least Jess is good with kids! And killing it with her spring ensemble. Little House on the Prairie meets accessorize queen, and we have a beautiful Jessica Day!

This little wedding planning stunt gets Schmidt fired, but then Jess uses her teacher powers to get his job back by promising grade school acceptance to his boss’s kids, and all is well!

In the stress of it all, Jess even manages to accidentally turning the dress inside out, which must make it super uncomfortable but at least it’s gorgeous. Fit for a perfect bride like Cece!