This week, it’s Sam’s birthday, and his friend who is very much in love with him visits. Only bad news. But it ends well, I promise! Sam and Jess stay together, Schmidt bonds with his dad, and changes his wedding venus from disgusting warehouse to beautiful vineyard. Just your average day in LA!

We have a floral beauty who is dating a man who doesn’t dress like Nick. The world is a better place now.

I am very excited for summer, because Jessica Day’s summer looks are always trendy and give me some inspiration for my wardrobe. That girl does not look bad no matter what she wears.

And although we are supposed to hate Diane, who comes out of nowhere with a letter written to Sam about how much she loves him, she looks so chic. Would not mind snagging that top for a rainy day, a job interview, or confessing my love to a friend I haven’t seen in years.


Next we have the boys toasting, wine tasting, and making jokes — a lovely sight. Schmidt opted for a more casual and comfy look, while Nick stayed with the plaid as always, and Schmidt’s dad pulled out the stops. Now we know where Schmidt gets his style and taste from!

And when he didn’t let his son down, we all sighed with relief, and we got to witness this beautiful moment.

Father and son, happy as can be, with similar styles and a similar simplicity in their outfits. Rock on!

What Winston wore:

My favorite part of the week is seeing what kind of shirts Winston is going to pull out of his magical Narnia closet filled with beautifully patterned shirts.

Not disappointed with this bird shirt. Bird shirts were a theme this week, as Winston tried to gift not one, but two to Sam, who respectfully looked like he would burn them later. Hey, give them back to Winston!!! He looks fabulous in them!!

We were also blessed with more Mother Nature — flowers!

Short sleeve, check. Big patterns, check. Standing out next to friends who wear less hipster things than he does, check. Perfect! Meanwhile we have very boring Nick (but I love that he’s discovered black, which looks good on everyone), and beautiful dressed up Schmidt.