This episode is all about Mindy getting laid. And let me just say: THAT’S AWESOME. Considering she’s dated every male doctor on the show (#NeverForget Jeremy Season One), it’s refreshing to see her looking to just get it in — no strings attached and OUT of the building (seriously, think about it. Most of her men she met in the building). And sure, I may be taking this a little too far, per YKYLF usual, but her outfits say it all: Mindy Lahiri is back in full sass-mode. And it’s none of your business, but I may or may not have just searched Pork-it in the App Store…

Don’t you hate it when you’re getting ready for bed and your co-worker is naked in your bed in full-on seduction mode?

Yikes. At least Mindy’s adorable pink nightgown is perfect for this weird, sex dream.


After realizing this dream means she should have sex again, she asks her favorite sexually active neighbor, Chelsea, on how to get it.

We don’t get a great look at her outfit, but a print and metallic touches, I’m all about. GET IT, GIRL.

Chelsea tells her to download Pork-It, but instead, Mindy decides to go sensible and downloads “Cuddlespot.” Which … is probably exactly what it sounds like, because she ends up on a date with Toby from the Office.

Who is exactly like Toby from the Office.

I’m not over-the-moon about the blue dress. Seems pretty typical Mindy. Sidenote: did anyone else spit out a mouthful of wine when Mindy scat-seduced Toby? No? Cool, me neither.

But I KNOW everyone screamed into a pillow when they saw this:

I LOVE this striped metallic sweater dress. Not only is it sexy and flattering, but also it’s so fun and effortless (though we all know it probably took hours of research from the costume department).

After the horrible Toby date, Mindy decides to download Pork-It on Chelsea’s advice. Whose outfit I’m also pretty into. Look at those boots!


Mindy gets a match, and throws on a blue leather jacket over the striped dress. I’m not in LOVE with the jacket. Looks a little too Lizzie McGuire for me.

At the bar, she meets the guy she’s meant to “pork.” Unfortunately, he’s basically Pornstache from Orange is the New Black.

But this is the Mindy Project. If the guy she’s going on a date with isn’t great, the bartender’s probably not bad, right?

I LOVE this show (this week).

Jody is still stressed out about the love letter he sent Mindy. But after a viewing of Elementary (honestly, I didn’t know people actually watched that show), he realizes that they could really work. Why? Who knows? His logic doesn’t seem to make any sense (not surprising for someone weird enough to not watch TV #amirite) but he asks her out for coffee anyway. Because, like, how could you not when she looks like this:

This is Mindy Lahiri perfection. The print… the cut… the EARRINGS:

And the best part? It’s actually a top and PANTS. Mind blown.


Jody’s love letter was accidentally sent to Danny, who confronts him and then tells Mindy, “Make good decisions.”

And good decisions she makes. After being blown off by a scared Jody in this outfit that I haven’t decided is actually cute or Dynasty-looking…

…She goes back to the bar and propositions the cute bartender in this metallic trench.


And even when she goes home to change, she still looks cute in this metallic, pastel purple sweater:


Seeing Danny again confirms a lot of things: A) Danny is awful, B) he’s not good enough for Mindy, and C) neither is Jody. No matter how much I hate Danny, it’s obvious Danny and Mindy have chemistry. Jody and Mindy — no matter how much Elementary you watch — do not.