While this show is always entertaining and always fun to watch, every now and then an episode comes along where literally nobody wears anything interesting. There was all the usual telenovela-inspired dramaaaa but not so much in the way of breadcrumbs for us fashion recappers. But I’ve recapped The Shannara Chroncles, a show best known (by me) for its five-episode streak of nobody changing their clothes. So let’s do this! Jane wants to spend Mother’s Day in traditional Villanueva tradition, vegging out in front of telenovelas but Petra throws a Mother’s Day brunch, Rogelio’s trying to impress Dina with his Pygmalian/My Fair Lady skills when not feuding with his rival on a special crossover episode of their shows, Rafael and his brother blah blah, and Anezka catfishes Jane. Ready? 


Jane Villanueva or Season One Emily Fields? You decide.

Jane’s the star of the show and this week we get to see her in SUCH a variety of ensembles, ranging from three-quarter length tee:

To drapey tee with scalloped sleeve detail:

To tank and sweatpants:

To patterned tank and matching adorable fashion accessory baby:

Then for a fun change, her Marbella uniform! Aren’t we all so happy to have her back in this job/uniform again? Instead of working in literally any other job where she could be wearing LITERALLY ANYTHING OTHER THAN THIS?

But then THEN FINALLY we get a trademark Jane Villanueva throwback sundress and it is either spectacultar, or my Stockholm Symdrome is kicking in because it’s so much better in contrast.

Her second-place look was this casual sundress.

Honestly, I’ve got to give bonus snaps for them letting her walk around barefoot in her hotel room/home. She’s always in wedges or heels, even when chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool like her poor feet, you guys.


Rogelio v Esteban

In what is now consistently the best-dressed part of every episode, Rogelio and his arch nemesis Esteban are filming a crossover episode placing the lavender time-traveller in the 15th century court of Francis and Isabella.

Extremely large codpieces are involved, as one may rightly assume.

Rogelio, naturally, looks cute as a button.

Dude in the white there on stage right is of course Michael, in the starched white uniform of Rogelio’s personal security detail-slash-1492 combat specialist trainer.

Honestly? I’m way more into Michael doing this than I’ve ever been in his various police plotlines. Maybe again it’s just Stockholm Syndrome because those plotlines got sooo draggy that maybe this isn’t as interesting as I think it is? But I’m honestly not sure what my emotions are anymore with this show.


My Fair Rogelio

So, Rogelio’s still serving up nude cheesecake wrapped in furs as he continues to explore the Kama Sutra with his new GF, Dina.

But then he comes to realize he’s the George and she’s the Amal in this relaysh when she doesn’t invite him to her birthday party because she doesn’t think he’d get along with her more intellectual friends. Enter a Dan Levy costume change and Jane in a Cyrano de Bergerac/Roxanne texting scheme.



The Twin Twist

As Jane and her family are only too familiar with on telenovelas, of course Anezka’s up to no good. I mean, she’s the brown haired twin of a pair so come on, right? At least her existence allows Yael Grobglas to wear anything other than flowy white Florida business cazh:

Or more flowy white business cazh:

Mother’s Day brunch white flowy cazh (snaps to Jane for this tie-dyed-adjacent number which I wish we’d seen more of):

That said, high-waisted Mom jeans and XXL tee isnt really the change-up I was hoping for.

Nor was yet another character getting trapped in Marbella cocktail uniform non-chic:

Then, to the shock of no one, Anezka finally tests out her Petra impersonation with the assistance of a towel turban.



Rogelio’s nemesis, Esteban, makes the moves on Xo during her recording session. Was it her lovely singing voice? Her studded camo miniskirt? Or the fact that he knows hooking up with Xo will drive Rogelio insane?

Buuut what’s her excuse?

But this hook-up had one excellent result, which is the reveal of Esteban’s bizarro Rogelio green-themed shrine to himself.

But sadface for how she’s clearly beginning her walk of shame with the first step off of that… fainting sofabed?


The mandatory cliffhanger nobody cares about

Mutter blah. Derek blah.

I still love and adore this show OBVIOUSLY but a few more fashion pieces and a few less t-shirts would make us all happy, mmkay?