Wedding = Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties. Duh, it’s just a given. Not so much a given? A bachelor party in Tokyo. Schmidt’s Plan A goes south thanks to Nick’s run-in with a travel website scam, but things really go way down south when Schmidt and Cece encounter Toby, L.A.’s posterchild for road rage.

Schmidt overreacts when he can’t defend Cece and decides, as men are wont to do, that the best way to prove to your woman that you’re a macho AF dude is to road trip to Vegas with your buddies, rent the most obnoxious motorcycles, and pick a fight with a bunch of other dudes.

Schmidt cleans up well (as usual) but switches it up with an impeccably fitted leather jacket. Not the most butch look, but you know what they say — you can take the guy out of Banana Republic, but you can’t take the Banana Republic out of the guy. Nick, I can only assume, was trying to blend in with his desert surroundings. It’s the only way to explain that earthtone situation.

The rest of Schmidt’s posse look like they’re auditioning for The Hangover 4. Big Schmidt is your token suburban dad with that polo and windbreaker, Robby’s pretty unremarkable, and J. Cronkite Valley Forge is how I imagine Schmidt will be dressing in forty years. Winston, of course, is flawless in that chunky, shawl collar sweater.

And his fighting is apparently as epic as his wardrobe. He should grab that rug on top of the car and repurpose it into another sweater.

The fight, not surprisingly, didn’t go so well for our boys (the montage was pretty spectacular, though, thanks to Katy P). Schmidt felt pretty lame, but leave it to Nick to turn things around and remind Schmidt that he’ll be a great hubby for Cece in every way that counts. I mean, who doesn’t want someone who combs the knots out of your hair while you sleep?

Things might also be turning around for Winnie the Bish, who got a text message from Jess saying that Aly was now single. So now they’re all headed back to L.A. where Jess and Cece are bachelorette-ing it up. I wonder what they’re up to…