While the guys are en route to Las Vegas for Schmidt’s bachelor party, Jess hosts a super low key bachelorette girls day for Cece. Guests include Gilbert Blythe and Jess’s little green chimney. This super low key party is about to get super high.

Jess goes incognito to procure what turned out to be crazy intense weed in a really not so crazy intense ensemble. This Jackie O inspired look is very “Jess,” with ModCloth’s Blast From the Classic’s fit and flare silhouette and girly collar, but the random gauzy headscarf and white oversized shades are more Jackie No.

But, whatever, mission accomplished.

The girls keep it casual for their chill day in. No stilettos or bodycon dresses needed for this couch party, just some munchies and a deep, abiding appreciation for all things Anne Shirley. As Cece said, “I would ruin my life for Gilbert.” Ditto.

Jess fell into the Gap with this red and white polka dot button-up, and per usual, Cece is tres chic and tres comfortable in her H&M Jacquard knit cardigan. Perfect outfits for chilling on the couch, wearing socks on your hands, eventually verbally accosting the hottest postman alive, and absolutely destroying a $1,200 breadmaker your future mother-in-law bought from your registry.

Still high AF, Jess and Cece go to the store to replace the breadmaker and generally make things worse before running into Aly and Trip. I know Trip is all business all the time but he looks so stodgy compared to Aly, who is slaying the casual chic look. And her hair. Oh, my god, her hair.

Trip can’t get over himself long enough to shop for the dinner he was supposed to make for Aly’s five year cop anniversary, so they fight and part ways. In Jessland, that means they broke up and she should text Winston the good news.

Aly decides to join the bachelorette fun and after a quick trip to mall jail, an uplifting Maid of Honor pep talk, and an appearance from Mama Bear Cece, the ladies – sans new breadmaker – make it back to the apartment just in time for Winston’s declaration of love…and Aly’s declaration of “I’m not single.” Womp.

And in case you were wondering just how badly the fight went down at Schmidt’s half bachelor party…

But all’s well that ends well because there might be a glimmer of hope for Winly/Alston after all and everyone ends up on the most insane party busy. And you know things are going to be okay when there’s a party bus.