Detective Michael is having problems at work when an article comes out in the paper regarding his handling of the Muter/Sin Rostro case, and he gets fired. Obviously Jane takes on the extra responsibility to try to make more money by taking extra work shifts and tutoring jobs, and also by training Petra’s sister at the restaurant. Jane and Rafael decide to hash out a legal custody agreement so there’s no arguing over time spent with Mateo. Petra and Rafael are sorting out their daughters’ trust arrangements, and Rogelio is in a great mood since he started getting a little side action from writer Dina, and Xiomara sniffs out the relationship, so to speak, while on set.

Before heading to work, Jane and Michael get a glimpse of the front page news that Michael’s conflict of interest in the Muter/Sin Rostro case has lead him to make poor judgement calls.

Ever the optimist, Jane tries to encourage Michael to keep his chin up, but that’s hard to do when you see copies of the paper lining the halls of the Marbella on your way.

And lately Jane’s been feeling distant from Mateo, so when she runs into the nanny and decides to take Mateo for a little walk with her mom. Xo’s looking to be cast in Rogelio’s new telenovela, as a silent movie actress/cabaret singer, hence the weird gesture.

Jane’s sky blue trapeze dress is adorbs, and I wish I could have got a better pic of it, but I”m not crazy about Xo’s belted romper. Maybe it’s the contrast between the belt and the romper? I don’t know, but in any case, Jane, Xiomara, and Mateo are well coordinated.

Xiomara heads to the set to ask Rogelio’s permission to audition for the part and he just gives it to her without question.

Ro’s severe lack of lavender is made up for with Xiomara’s lovely purple and green tropical halter dress. Unfortunately, Xo catches wind of Rogelio’s affair with Dina when he does his sex sniff (eew…).

Xo recounts events to Jane later on that night (double eew…), and Jane tells her mom about Rafael’s request to hash out an actual custody arrangement with the help of a mediator after Jane took Mateo out on Rafael’s day.

Still keeping her good attitude about everything, Jane thinks everything will be sunshine and rainbows at mediation, and Xiomara will be great in the show.

Mediation day, and Jane and Rafael are ready to hash out terms, however hypothetical, and the friendly exes reach an impasse when discussing a possible future month-long trip that Rafael wants to take Mateo on.

Jane’s denim dress is fab, and totes appropriate for the occasion, even if she is feeling a little blindsided by Rafael. She already feels like she’s missing out on so much with Mateo, how can he go away for a whole month when he’s 18?

Still feeling defeated, Jane heads out to help her newest tutee write his college essay in what I can only assume is a cute floral t-shirt dress, but I can only see it from the waist up, so it’s anyone’s guess.

Jane finally gets on the same page as her student and they come up with a great essay topic together, one where Jane doesn’t actually have to write it for him.

And Xiomara is truly terrible at portraying a cabaret singer/silent movie actress in Rogelio’s telenovela, botching lines in English and Spanish.

At least her costume is wonderfully camp.

Rogelio confides in his best bro Michael regarding his disappointment with Xiomara’s performance, and Michael shows more concern that Rogelio still has no locks on his dressing room door post-stalker.

Evidence: Dina’s already in his dressing room. I’m more concerned that I haven’t seen any lavender on Rogelio all episode, aren’t you?

Anyway, after a rough week of constantly missing Mateo and over working to compensate for Michaels recent firing, Jane finally realizes that she needs to check her priorities and let Mateo have wonderful opportunities and experiences, even if she’s not included, so she finally agrees to let Rafael take him to Europe for a month when he’s older… as long as she gets lots of Easters to compensate.

How are Jane and Rafael always color coordinated to their surroundings and each other? Regardless, I’m really dying over Jane’s little grey suede booties.

And Rogelio realizes that he has to fire Xiomara for her terrible performance, but she understands. She also confronts him about his relationship with Dina, giving her seal of approval, even though he denies it.

Xiomara is on fire with these tropical print dresses at the mo. Like I might actually wear this one.

I’d wear this swan print dress of Jane’s as well. Finally on the same page, Rafael helps Jane back out of her extra shifts so that she can spend more QT with Mateo.

But not before Petra’s sister catches a glimpse of the affectionate exes working together, sparking a hint of jealousy.

Speaking of Petra, she’s still not 100% into this whole motherhood gig, and leaves Rafael juggling the twins and changing their diapers as much as possible.

At least her postpartum wardrobe is on point, and ever coordinated with her surroundings.

In keeping with the flowy tops theme, Petra dons a lovely teal tee to have lunch at the Marbella and check in on her sister while going over the twins’ trust arrangements.

Though she learns that Jane is in charge of the trust arrangements for Mateo, while an independent trustee will be in charge of the girls inheritance.

Petra confronts Rafael in a beautiful fuchsia trapeze dress, and Rafael reminds her that she hasn’t exactly been the most trustworthy person, whereas Jane is perfectly responsible in every way.


A little defeated, Petra reluctantly concedes and has a little vent to her sister after Anezka raves about Jane’s helpful nature.

Lovely as always in a sea foam button-down, Petra agrees that there’s nothing really bad about Jane, but Anezka catches the drift that Petra is unhappy and wants to help her as much as possible.

Petra finally signs the agreement, agreeing to all terms, but not before taking a slight dig at Rafael’s morals in the process.

I’m really bummed that I couldn’t get a better grab of this dress on Petra, because it’s stunning. Petra’s nailed it in the fashion department this ep, for sure. And she gets Rafael to admit that he hasn’t always been honest and responsible either.

In the end Rafael reveals that he was initially investigating his brother, and we’re left with an ominous call from Derek. But on the bright side, Michael’s got a new job as Rogelio’s head of security now. I’m sure that nothing will go wrong with either of those situations.