Mindy is back on the dating scene, and it seems like she’s lucked out with Bryan(t) – after a rough first date, their second date goes well and he’s unphased by the news that she has a kid. But the third date’s at his brother’s wedding, and even Tamra – who normally doesn’t care – thinks it’s moving too fast. A quick recon mission to Bryan(t)’s ex-fiancee’s office reveals that not only did she end things with him two months ago, but he’s definitely not over her yet. Mindy breaks things off with him, and an ice cream walk and talk with Jody hints that she might not have to go far for her next man. 

Honestly, Mindy should’ve known that no good would come of this guy. She’s super cute in a simple kelly green dress and Chanel-inspired coat; he can’t be bothered to tuck in his plaid shirt.

Credit where credit is due, Danny at least managed to look put together occasionally. This is a first date, dude. Break out an iron. 

Mindy regales the office in her Elle Woods finest. I’m loving that we get to see her killer orange heels—what a great way to pull the color through from her blouse without getting too matchy. I’m surprised to see she hasn’t paired the look with a statement necklace, but for the most part Mindy tones down her jewelry in this episode. It makes sense, really—Leo is just old enough to want to grab the shiny things. 

Sidenote: between Jeremy’s wardrobe, Jody’s ties, and everything Mindy owns, has there ever been a show which showcases pink better than The Mindy Project

For her second date, Mindy’s wearing a striped off-the-shoulder sweater. This isn’t my favorite Mindy look, mostly because the colors are just kind of blah. 


After a successful second date, Mindy blows into the office rocking some Cookie Lyon-level fierceness.

It helps that she walks into the room like she’s about to take what’s hers, but the high waisted houndstooth pencil skirt and black and white color scheme are so much edgier than her normal style. I don’t want to see Mindy ditch the bright color palette, but she is rocking the black and white. 


What do you wear to a third date that’s at a wedding? If you’re Mindy, you go bold. You don’t know the bride, why would you care if it’s her big day? 

The dress is all kinds of fab, but more importantly, we finally get some Mindy-level statement jewelry! 

Big earrings or a statement necklace? Why choose? When you have the unbridled confidence to eat a triple digit bill’s worth of chicken wings on a first date, you can pull off this much look. 


I think it’s safe to say that there is no character on TV with a better collection of outerwear than Mindy Lahiri. Sure, Olivia Pope has some killer white trench coats, but this daffodil town coat is a perfect pop of spring. 

She pairs it with a floral mini in understated colors and yet another Chanel pocketbook. If they want to finance the next season of Mindy Project on Hulu, I will happily buy large chunks of Mindy’s purse and coat collections. Just saying. 

Okay, what if next season is just Tamra going undercover to help girls get information on their new boyfriends, always in the guise of a woman selling nude underwear for women of color? Because I would watch that show. 

indy looks almost nerdy in her Chanel suit compared to Tamra’s take on business professional. I never thought to rock a crop top to an investment pitch, but not all of us can be a visionary like Tamra. 


Mindy doesn’t care that Morgan and Colette’s housewarming party is a fancy occasion (he’s even wearing a vest that matches his pants!). This is the most she’s going to try, which is still approximately 900% more trying than the average person. 

Case in point: she’s wearing clean Converse that coordinate with her top and her handbag. The outfit is super cute, but I won’t lie: it doesn’t matter how lame the party is, you do not show up to a party in a puffy vest when you’re single. I know she’s only been single for a few weeks, but this is a cardinal rule of singledom. Step up your game, Lahiri. You own too many cute coats to be wearing Marty McFly’s castoffs.