In order to get over Ally Winston is seeing a new woman named Rhonda, who is just as terrible at pranks as our Winnie the Bish, and Cece and Schmidt are there to try and discourage the relationship. Meanwhile Jess is caught between Sam and Nick, only in that Sam doesn’t trust Nick and Nick is Nick, so obviously he’s the least helpful person ever.

Everyone’s hanging at the bar when a woman wanders in screaming since she’s been stabbed in the arm and the gang looks horrified. Well, everyone except Winston.

I’m enjoying that shirt on Winston, too. Not that exciting in general, but unconventional for him. I really wish I could see the rest of Cece’s outfit, because I’m digging the folksy top. Jess is still falling a little flat for me with that scallop patterned dress and tights, but it is very ‘Jess’.

And what’s very Winston? Pulling terrible pranks. And apparently it’s very Rhonda, too.

I’m not going to lie, I’m kinda in love with Rhonda’s hair (read: jealous), but I’m super sad that she would ruin that perfectly cute top with all of that fake blood.

And since Winston is trying to get over Ally, Cece and Schmidt agree to try to get to know Rhonda and get on board, even though she encourages all of these horrible pranks.

Cece and Schmidt are perfectly coordinated, and I really want that patterned cardi that Cece’s rocking. Her makeup and manicure are gorgeous, too. I’m really liking non-model Cece.

Unfortunately the newest Winston/Rhonda prank involves them getting married for realz, only with the promise to get it annulled the next day.

Also unfortunate, Rhonda gets called up to active duty, so they can’t actually get the marriage annulled. Whoops. Winston’s in shock and wearing one of Schmidt’s cardigan’s, apparently. But Cece’s still a stunner in that burgundy tie-waist blouse and side pony. Love it.

On the other side of the coin, Jess is trying to buy a new car, and is running into some sexist bs over at the dealer. How is it still possible that these things happen in 2016? Unbelievable. Anyway, Cece encourages her to email the dealer as a man to get the deal that she wants on the car and she makes the mistake of asking both Nick and Sam for advice.

Nick offers some terrible advice in a brown shirt, as usual, and Sam is adorably jealous and scruffy in a burgundy cardigan. Lots of sweater action on New Girl today.

Anyway, after receiving a reply from the dealer, Jess requires someone to go along with her to act as her husband, Jeff Day. Since Sam is in surgery all day, Nick is her only option.

Jess’s shirt dress is adorable, and she seems to be bringing things back around. But for some reason, Nick feels like he needs a disguise to pull of the ruse, for some reason, and accompanies Jess to the dealership to help her with the final sale. Unfortunately in true Nick fashion, he manages to screw things up for Jess and Sam ends up turning up to try and save the day, if not entirely confuse the situation.

At least this gets Nick and Sam to call some kind of truce around Jess, even if they inwardly loathe each other, and Winston is married even though he’s still in love with Ally. Seems like a lot of tension to come for everyone.