Winston is asked by Ally to meet her boyfriend Trip (played by the hysterical Kal Penn), who is an animal acting agent, obvs. Luckily Schmidt decides that he should tag along for moral support. And after having a sex dream about Nick, Jess confides in Cece, who pretty much immediately tells Nick, who obviously wants full details. Lots of awkwardness and hilarity ensue.

So Ally wants Winston to meet her boyfriend Trip and get his “hot raisin eating” seal of a approval (gross). And dressed up Ally is looking fly!

I LOVE that dress. Like need to have it. And her side-parted, ombre waves are to die for. It helps that her bf is matching perfectly in that pale grey and pink suit combo.

But Ally neglected to inform Winston that Trip is actually an animal talent agent, which immediately sparks Winston’s weird cat interest and leads him to bring Ferguson in to Trip to gauge his talent.

Clearly, Winston didn’t get very good news on the Ferguson front, but that shirt is about as Winston/Cliff-Huxtable-glory-days as it gets.

After a flat out rejection, with a smearing of attitude from Trip, Schmidt convinces Winston to take Ferguson to the ‘All Cat Avatar’ audition anyway. And he does so in style. Plus, I laughed for a good 5 minutes after Ferguson walked into that trashcan…

I can’t believe that Winston is not only wearing a suit, his shirt isn’t buttoned all the way to the top. Full marks from me. I also can’t believe that Schmidt basically covered himself in catnip to distract all of the other cats at the audition to give Winston/Ferguson a shot at cat movie glory.

But as it turns out, Trip is insanely jealous of Winston, and Ally talks about him all the time. It’s funny how things work out.

Winston is back in his 80’s throwback button downs, and Ally’s outfit is looking a little bit uptight after that rocking dress earlier. I’ll be interested to see how things work out between Ally and Winston when she finds out that he’s married to that crazy-ass prankster Rhonda.

In Jess’s storyline this week, our leading lady finds herself in a bit of a pickle after she has a sex dream about Nick after seeing the helmet Nick gave her right before bed.

Luckily Cece’s there to tell Nick about the whole thing, but unfortunately Jess thinks it’s a good idea to put the helmet on before giving it back to him. And it gets stuck. Obviously. Which leads to this scene of Jess straddling Nick as he tries to pull it off her head.

Good thing Cece’s there still to distract Sam when he comes to pick up Jess to meet the parents.

Sam wears an awful lot of burgundy, no? But Cece’s back to her modelesque ways in that sporty tank and leggings.This is also a terribly awkward conversation since Sam and Cece never quite clicked.

Sam’s disappointed when he walks in to see Jess and Nick struggling to get the helmet off of her head, but offers to help break it off. Unfortunately, It can’t really be broken since Nick’s dad was the one who gave it to him in the first place.

At least Cece is there to help Jess drown her sorrows in a bottle of rose after Sam decides to go see his parents without her. It’s rare to see Jess in Jeans, but I like the look. My big question is, how can she drink out of that glass with the helmet on?

Finally, Nick decides that he needs to get the helmet off Jess even if it means that he has to break it.


A terrifying, but sweet sentiment as he goes to smash a screwdriver through the helmet and potentially into Jess’ skull. But at least it gets Jess over to the restaurant to meet Sam’s parent’s just in time.

And she manages to throw on an adorable baby pink shift, even if she didn’t get all of the helmet fragments out of her hair.

It seems like Nick’s finally on board with Jess and Sam, but I can’t wait to see what happens between Ally and Winston.

And on a much sadder note, I’d like to say a very heartfelt goodbye to the pancake pushing legend that was Prince. Check out his major cameo from season three.