Welcome back to The Mindy Project! Last time we checked, the Lahiri-Castellano Christmas breakup made us truly feel all the feelings. This is one sitcom couple we adored without question, their collective stubbornness aside. But Mindy and Danny seem to be taking it well, and have moved from the break-up to a failed attempt at couples counseling to occasional shagging to what appears to be some sort of détente. Good on Dr. L. for setting her boundaries, and hopefully these two will learn to co-parent with or without other partners. Glad to know Mindy’s still got her style game on point and hasn’t given up. In other news, a group of college co-eds dropped in for a week to learn how to freeze their eggs, and due to their antics Seth Myers’s dog goes missing, prompting a city-wide multi-platform APB search. If only I could do the same thing every time I lose my keys. Let’s get to this week’s recap.

We’re starting off with this week’s memorable guest star Chloe. We need to talk about Chloe. First off, she appears to be afflicted with straight-on-top, wavy-on-the-bottom hair that afflicts our telenovela faves from Jane the Virgin. Um, no, chic Asian girls don’t follow telenovela trends. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just that they take their sartorial inspirations from China Vogue and Fan Bingbing’s Instagram (WeChat, Weibo) pages. But then again Chloe appears to be thoroughly organized so she may want to opt for this look (and kudos to The Mindy Project on color-blind casting!). Also, this sweater is not ripe for seduction, it’s more apropos for running out to get groceries:


While her clubbing ensemble is chicly Parisian with the large scarf (which is not trying to a kafeyah circa 2006), her hair isn’t fit for a night out in New York. And the Egyptian eyeliner reads more unintentionally dragon lady than they intended. No wonder she didn’t get into the club; they’d have kept her in line until they put up those bangs and minimized the eye makeup.


But Chloe’s out fishing for big game (who is not L’il Wayne), and his name is Dr. Jody Kimbersomethinglong. Jody has replaced my Handsome British Doctor Jeremy as the office’s gentleman with style, as evidenced by this chic tan blazer with big chunky olive tie and electric blue sweater. Great balance between a shocking shade of blue with a very muted color over top to keep one’s swagger on mute during office hours.

Let’s also discuss his subtle choice of windowpane shirt with wide candy apple-red tie. That appears to be a vintage Balmain which I also own, so of course I’m all over this choice.


Now let’s move onto our girl Dr. L, who is channeling all sorts of London High Street and Champs-Elysees aesthetic this week. Let’s start with this black-and-white-and … pink??! printed shift dress. This definitely observes the Parisian aesthetic of pairing neutrals but also adding the attention to detail. The pink is a brilliant sartorial choice. Pink is the new black!


But unfortunately she had a mismatch with this peach striped nightmare. The sweater is all wrong and makes her lumpy and disheveled. The striped shirt belongs in clown college with Krusty the Klown from The Simpsons. Sorry girl, get rid of it!


Which she did along with a bunch of clothes in a play on the infamous Waiting to Exhale scene where Angela Bassett set her husband’s clothes in fire in the BMW, where we see that pink works well with black (again):


But the vest + pencil skirt + shirt combo works wonderfully when you stick to bolder colors with one classic print that doesn’t appear to run away from Solid Gold. The netting illusion of the sweater blends I perfectly so it looks like she’s got just a netted overlay on top of the shirt. Bonus points on matching with her trench.

And bonus points on being twinsies on the blue-and-pink / red family with Jody. This is the new tag team on this show.


Now normally I’m against pine green if it’s not on a Christmas tree. Anything else looks like decoration on it. But Dr. L putting a dragonfly print on this shift dress is like Missy Elliott’s debut album: Supa Dupa Fly!


Going back to Paris, how about this Mondrian print that’s sending us over the edge? Seems Joan Holloway’s time-traveled and done a sale on everything in her closet, because this vintage-esque print is straight out of 1968. Color always works well with Mindy’s skin tones, and this vibrant dress-and-trench combo is brilliant and a half:

It’s so gorgeous let’s look at it again from another two angles:


But sometimes she has to tone it down a bit. Literally blue and almost singing Cole Porter’s “Am I Blue?”, Dr. L shines in a magnificent paisley-swirl number with matching earrings and bandeau. I’m going to guess that the headband was made from the same fabric from the dress and sold as a set. If it is, bravo! Despite tough competition, this is Mindy’s best outfit of the week, easily one of the chicest things she’s ever worn.

Topped with a coat it still shines:


Now let’s praise our two best dressed, as Jody shines in a chocolate brown suit with a classic subtle checked shirt and a bold gold tie.

If only my office looked this chic all the time.

And finally let’s give a shout out to guest star Seth Myers, who we love and who entertained Morgan in the most awkard Q&A on this show ever. Plus, Morgan is dressed like he is spending the weekend in Williamsburg:


Come back Friday for Amanda’s take on this week’s episode!