So after causing Sam and Genevieve to break up in the last episode, Jess has been incessantly calling and texting Sam to apologize, as only Jess would. So Sam slaps her with a restraining order, and Winston is trying to advise Jess. Nick and Schmidt are dealing with competition from a trendy new bar run by none other than Busy Phillips!

So Nick and Schmidt are having their parking spaces taken over by the valet service at a trendy new bar. They start to think that this is why there’s never anyone in the bar, and wage a war against the far more popular haunt.

Even more frightening, I think Cece might be hanging around Nick and Winston too much, as their fashion sense is starting to rub off on her. Flannel buttoned all the way to the top – what is happening? And where does Nick get so many brown shirts?

But I digress. Busy Phillips confronts Nick and Schmidt over the childish pranks that their pulling to try and scare people out of her bar, and has the greatest hair ever. Case and point:

And she’s looking casual cool with her profesh button down/leather jacket combo. Nick also manages to smooth things over by inviting her over for a drink and a truce.

On the other end, Jess has been handed a restraining order from Sam, unsurprisingly, since she’s constantly texting and calling him to apologize.

I’m not quite sure that Jess is back in her stride with her outfits just yet. They’re typical Jess in color and style, but just seem a bit frumpy for her. Regardless, Winston tries to convince her that she has to abide by the restraining order and can not keep calling him or go within 300 feet of him.

So obviously Jess decides that the best thing to do is to leave a note on Sam’s car.

But she’s too slow and ends up unwittingly diving into the back of his truck to hide, and gets taken through a car wash.

Sam is pissed, naturally, but since her phone was destroyed in the car wash, he decides to take her home out of pity.

After changing into some dry scrubs, and apologizing face to face, Sam confesses that the whole reason he got the restraining order was to keep himself away from Jess.

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty psyched about Sam being back. Hopefully he sticks around for a while, and Jess and Cece rediscover their fashion groove.