This week on New Girl, Jess got a job and had a strange encounter with an old flame, Winston went on a date, and Cece and Nick watched hours of puppet shows because they were sick.

Jess was very excited to have a trial period on a new job — a teaching job at a very particular school. She excitedly told the gang about it in this fabulous dress.

Stripes, check. Well fitted, check. Pristine hair, check. A perfect Jessica Day outfit!

She arrived at the school and realized it was flawless — a feelings chair, students making chicken coops — and that her boss was just as fashionable as she is.

Look at these two rays of sunshine! Ready for spring, Jess wore florals and a matching cardigan (to be expected), and her boss opted for a comfy casual look toned up with some killer boots which are unfortunately not pictured. They even have matching hairstlyes!!

This school is amazing, and might have kids growing aloe plants for healing purposes, but this is going to be great fashion-wise.

Are they part of an indie rock band yet or what? Vests and patterns — they’re giving Winston a run for his money!

While reminiscing on old teaching jobs, we got a glimpse of old Jess, and I’m LOVING it.

HOW MUCH VOLUME CAN HER HAIR HAVE??? And how can I copy it??? Magnificent ponytail, a wonderfully detailed collar, and I’m sold. She can do no wrong.

The job was almost too good to be true, and therefore Jess’s ex Sam had to show up. You remember the one that she might have cheated on a little bit by kissing Nick? Well now he’s dating the Principal. Awkward.

Of course Jess had to make it more awkward by going to his house to “fix” things. He looks like an actual caveman. Please send help. Where is the sexy doctor we once met??

In an attempt to fix her chances of obtaining this job, Jess invited Sam and Genevieve over for an apology from Nick.

He also wears tribal print!! These are very much loft-worthy, but the facial hair has GOT to go. I cannot take his outfits seriously when his head looks like it weighs 100 pounds. Meanwhile, I am pretty sure Genevieve is wearing pajamas and I’m not hating it. That smile can make anyone forget what she’s doing. And I’ll also order a pair please and thank you.

One last Jess pic of the day — a blouse-like dress that works with everything. Boots, flats, a big leather bag, a tiny purse…

Perfect for a retro look with a headband and voluminous hair!!

While Jess was dealing with work and pleasure, which happen to be mixed right now, Schmidt was preparing for a big presentation.

Gold star for you! Differently patterned shirt and tie and it still works! He is like the Barney Stinson of suits, New Girl style. There’s one in every group, and it definitely wasn’t ever going to be Nick.

All is well that ends well, with Genevieve dumping Sam and Jess getting hired. Nick might have gotten punched in the throat (again), but hey at least everyone’s feelings are clear. Yippee!

What Winston Wore

Winston’s mojo is back and he absolutely KILLED it this week.

I got my tropical shirt!!! I’ve been waiting for one to reappear for at least three weeks. I am so happy I could cry. It hits all of the Winston criteria — trendy, colorful, fitted, and short-sleeve.

Even sick he’s got the style.

Love me some patterned hoodies with pockets. He looks better than any sick person I’ve ever seen.

Tyler the Creator, you’ve got some competition. Look at these shades!

He looks straight off the cover of a cool new trendy rap album. And he’s got his confidence back with the ladies. What more could we ask for? He hasn’t even talked about his cat in weeks!!!

And last but not least, we have the cutest date ever.

Plaid and earth tones. She has to stick around with an outfit like that. Nick is going to want to steal it. Ready or not, loft, here she comes!