This week on New Girl, Schmidt was stressed out with wedding planning, Cece got a job at a gas station TV network, Nick and Winston fought over whose job is harder, oh and JESS MADE OUT WITH SCHMIDT’S DAD.

Let me start from the beginning. Schmidt is super tired and isn’t fully able to do his wedding preparation duties while Cece is at work, so Jess puts him to sleep and takes matters in to her own hands. Unfortunately, that means she heads to a winery owned by Schmidt’s dad who he hasn’t seen in years.

I still can’t believe they made out. They look like a couple who would be on the cover of a magazine. All white and slick for Schmidt’s dad Gavin, all smiles and nicely fitted dress for Jess! And I’m loving her little top bun. They’re all the rage these days.

Meanwhile, Cece is at her job looking absolutely fabulous.

This woman really looks good in anything and everything that she puts on. She switched up the hairstyle this week and it’s a little like Jess’s usual do, and I love it! Professional and stylish for her big TV debut.

It’s not New Girl unless there’s a competition between Nick and Winston, so this week they’re fighting about who has a tougher job!

Winston, I loved the sweats last week. But I have to say I prefer your button downs. Bring them back! Bring them back! I’ve also decided that if I got a dollar for every time Nick wore plaid, I would have enough money to buy him new shirts. But hey, once you look good in something, I guess you should stick with it!

In order to prove his worth, Winston goes on a mission with Ally, which involves a break in, a crazy man licking the car window, and Nick (probably) peeing his pants.

They look like awesome secret agents on a mission. I love it. The dynamic duo is back!

After Schmidt’s freakouts concerning some kissing between his father and his roommate, the two finally meet.

I can see where Schmidt gets his hair from! Like father, like son. Cece opted out of her work outfit and into something more comfortable, tribal, and casual which is perfect for showing your fiancé’s father how cool and down to earth you are. Schmidt sticks to his classic sweater look, and Jess looks absolutely ridiculous with her head gear that was forced on her by Schmidt.

All ends well, with Gavin receiving an invitation to Schmidt’s wedding, and Winston and Nick deciding that Winston has a tougher job.

What Winston Wore

And we end with this!!!

Patterns! Birds! Potential kids pajamas in a size XXL but I love it! We’re missing the quirky and hipster Winston and need him back in our lives.