After the surprising, lovely, and unexpected kiss between Reagan and Nick from last week, we start this week off with a romantic moment between the two of them.

Reagan is getting ready to leave with the anticipation of Jess’s return, and she and Nick get ready to finally have sex before the grand departure.

Unfortunately (for them), Jess is already back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m very excited personally. I was missing her little outfits with lace and patterns and ruffles.

Welcome back!! We get a tremendous outfit for her return. A big bow, a high waisted skirt, and some detailing around the collar? Oh yes. As much as I love Reagan, she did not live up to Jessica Day’s spunky way of dressing.

First thing on the menu: distributing matching roomie t-shirts of course. They read, “My roommate found the defendant guilty on 4 counts and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”

Everyone is obviously SUPER pleased, and very excited for Jess’s return. Reagan is the only one who isn’t wearing a matching shirt, but that’s because she’s pretty new and doesn’t know the rules yet.

Aren’t they so cute? I still don’t get why everyone is always in love with Nick, someone who calls DNA “D and A”, but at least they would make some beautiful babies. Reagan may dress down compared to Jess, but a blue shirt that matches her eyes really gives her some bonus points.

Jess tells the roommates about this dreamy, perfect guy she met during jury duty, but she only knows his code name.

This photo depicts the dream couple – matching outfits, color coordination, chemistry, and a headband. It’s almost as if Jess continued the Blair Waldorf days. I love that Jess kept the fabulousness during her time at jury duty, and she met a man who seems to share her appreciation for style. With this in mind, Jess and Reagan make it their goal to track him down.

Meanwhile, Cece and Schmidt followed Winston to a dance class hoping to practice for their first dance, but it turned out to be an improv dance class, which Schmidt was not ready to do.

Look at that disapproving look! Being a slightly overweight child made Schmidt self-conscious about his dance moves, which meant “improv” is not really his thing. I’m not even quite sure what the purpose of Schmidt’s shirt is, but it did not fit in with the fast-paced and energetic beats. Also, Winston is wearing a sweater vest? And hiding his tropical shirt. Sadness. I do really love it when he wears those.

Cece, being the beautiful goddess that she is, rocked the class and the workout look with an acid washed shirt, an adorable floral sports bra, and some leggings.

And she maintained that perfect hair. I’m jealous.

Nearing Reagan’s departure, Jess convinces her to tell Nick she has feelings for him.

I want to be in on these girl talks!!! Look at those pajamas. Pink and soft and patterned. I’m in love. I bet they talk about cute hairstyles and knitting and what kissing Nick is like.

Nick the lumberjack now wears Clarks (!!!), I’m very impressed. He can wear all the plaid he wants if he wears those shoes. Maybe he’s trying to be a hipster and stand out in the middle of LA models and well-dressed people!

Jess ended up finding her perfectly dressed lover through an announcement of the jury duty verdict on TV, as the boys watched eagerly on back at the loft.

Nick continues to kill the game with some gorgeous and rustic boots, Winston keeps it casual this week with a not-so-floral sweater, and Schmidt gets ready for his role as an old husband with a male cardigan. I miss his suit days!!

After Jess finally met her dream man and they had absolutely nothing to talk about, our girls finally reunited in the only way that is appropriate after a month apart — sharing shampoo, drinking wine, and smiling as they watch Schmidt dance.

Cece’s casual yet put together outfit is upped by her beautiful diamond ring, and Jess wears a very Jess-like outfit — a little colonial, perhaps not something I would wear, but definitely something she rocks.

Reagan’s goodbye ends with a phone call to Nick, where they both express that they may kind of like each other. Maybe not exactly in those words, but in their own manner.

Bye Reagan! We’ll miss your sarcasm, sporty outfits, and beautiful face.