A heat wave is sweeping L.A. and everyone is losing it because the apartment doesn’t have A/C (okay, seriously? I live in a place where it’s hot only 90% of the year and I have central A/C). But who needs the joys of temperature control when you have Nick Miller and The Ranch? Reagan, that’s who. Meanwhile, Cece tries to skip out on a news broadcaster audition but Schmidt channels Mariska Hargitay and pushes Cece to go. Which sort of kind of backfires. And Winston became my heat wave hero when he basically commandeered an ice cream truck in the middle of a street.

Obviously, the key to battling a heat wave is to make some kind of rudimentary refrigerator out of ice, fans, and a kiddie pool…a.k.a. The Ranch. And don’t forget the white pants—science certainly didn’t.

Despite how insane and ridiculous Nick was this week, I can’t say that he can’t pull off those white jeans. Which are, BTW, officially his lucky pants considering that despite those massive sweat stains, getting attacked by a rat, and passing out on the street, he and Reagan smooched.

Desperation really must bring out different sides of people because when was the last time we saw Schmidt in shorts? Or short sleeves? Someone took a day off from Banana Republic to hang with Old Navy.


Maybe it’s because the print reminds me of snowflakes that Winton’s shirt seems oddly refreshing. Whatever it might be, I’m just glad he didn’t have to sacrifice a day of kooky patterns to the heat wave.


Could I please look like this when it’s hot and humid AF? Or just any day, really.


Apparently, while Cece was bartending she was also taking broadcasting classes to prep for an audition. Naturally, she’s the most charming, gorgeous, aspiring news anchor there ever was. And of course her nails match her blouse.

Too bad she didn’t look like that at her audition. Pro tip: don’t go to an audition completely tanked and in shorts.

Only the brave would wear their hair down in the midst of a massive heat wave. Reagan looks cool and comfortable except for that giant flannel tied around her waist. Seriously. Flannel in a heat wave? Come on. Unless there’s a spray mister hiding in there, just stop.


But, I suppose that doesn’t matter when your room is so well air conditioned that everyone argues over who’s been and hasn’t been to Gstaad (spoiler alert: no one) while playing in Jess’s charmingly retro ski jackets.

Leave it to Jess to splash some color into this scene, even if it’s just in spirit.