So Jane and Michael are almost officially back together, maybe? This is pending the go-ahead from Rafael, obviously since everyone has to coexist. Xiomara and Rogelio are now not together, but are still seeing each other on a regular basis. Petra is stressing out over all that has to be done prior to the babies’ arrivals, and Rafael isn’t helping any by being totally distracted by Jane.

Ahh, Jane and Michael together again, #hearteyesemoji.

Looking all loved up after a long night of catching up, Jane and Michael resolve to make amends with Rafael and make sure that they continue on a path that is beneficial to Mateo like rational adults. What could possibly go wrong?

It’s totally normal to hang with your ex all the time too, right?

That is literally the case for Xo and Ro, since they have Jane and Mateo to think about. At least Rogelio’s classic pastel button-down look hasn’t suffered in the process. And Jane’s headed back to work at the Marbella to pick up a little extra money, hence the skimpy uniform, and to give Rafael the heads up re: Michael. That should go well.

Jane manages to guilt Rafael into lunch with Michael since she had to put up with Petra and her crazy-ass mother for so long.

Rafael’s obvious “I hate you” posture is a sure sign that he won’t forgive Michael for punching him, and he doesn’t even though Michael’s apology seems sincere enough. Jane has a sweet and innocent look about her with that cream dress and soft curls in her hair. Not sweet enough to convince Rafael of Michael’s sincerity though.

While off in that fun little scenario, Rogelio introduces Alba and Xiomara to his new personal assistant, Paola, who used to work for JLo (just in case your missed the subtle 47 times her name was dropped).

Color coordinated as usual Alba is wearing a stunning coral bird print tunic to offset Rogelio’s classic pink. And Xiomara’s cream peasant top has the perfect blush accents to keep it all in the family, so to speak.

Back on the set, Paola is helping Rogelio with his lavender Braveheart moment and warning him of the dangers of having a stalker.

This is just glorious.

But there’s no rest for the wicked as Rogelio goes over his lines for said Braveheart-esque role with Xiomara.

Obviously, the scene was a romantic one, and it was impossible to keep their hands off each other. Ro’s shirt is to die for with that sketchy floral print, though it’s hard to see in this grab. I think if I had legs like Xiomara, I’d be wearing those short-shorts all the time. Anyway, one thing leads to another and Xo and Ro end up back in the sack, as expected.

Jane walks in mid-romp so Xiomara tries to sneak Rogelio out of the house before any judgement commences.

Long pants again, Jane? What is happening over there? Perfect for catching your dad sneaking out of the house though. And for helping your mom realize that she can’t keep seeing him on the regular if she really wants things to be over.

So Xo meets up with Rogelio to tell him the bad news that they’ll have to really take a break from each other.

Rogelio is crushed, but still killing it in that floral button-down. I think Xo may have a large collection of white bottoms and orange tops. I think that’s all she’s worn this episode, no?

Officially dumped, Rogelio heads to his premiere with Paola in tow.

Officially rocking his signature lavender in a beautifully tailored suit, Ro gives Paola all of his passwords and lock codes to help stave off any stalkers. Oh, by the way, PAOLA IS YOUR STALKER!!

Jane gets a little delayed heading to meet her dad at the premiere and runs back into her teary-eyed mother who’s finally reeling over the breakup.

Jane is looking stunning in that form-fitting gown. Blue sequin is a great look for her. As is that floaty turquoise top on Xiomara. Jane ends up missing walking down the lavender carpet with her dad, and leads him to think that he comes second to Xo in Jane’s life as a result. Disappointed, he heads home to find creepy Paola sitting in his apartment in the dark with a whole new security system and bars on the windows… RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, ROGELIO!

And Jane heads over to the Marbella to meet up with Michael for a poolside make-out session.

Seems like everything is rosy for our Jane and Michael, now that Rafael is trying to get on board. Why do I have this sneaking suspicion that it won’t go as smoothly as hoped.

Speaking of Rafael, he and Petra are trying to put out fires all over the place by putting a stop to the negative ads circulating about the Marbella.

Petra is fuming in a lovely green empire-waisted dress. I do feel a bit bad for her in all of these floaty maternity dresses though. Doesn’t she know she could rock a more form fitting dress to really show off that double baby bump?

I suppose not, as Petra is donning another tent-like dress to chew out Rafael for missing another appointment because of Jane and Mateo.

At least the dress matches her office. But Petra is tired of always being put second in Rafael’s life, and wants to know that she and the babies won’t always be in second place to Jane and Mateo like they are now.

Crushed at the thought of having no one now that Jane is with Michael and Petra doesn’t want him anymore, Rafael heads to the bar.

He changed out of the pastel to get back to his playboy ways. Hard to turn down that handsome face, though.