Escalating from making a decision over where to have brunch, Nick and Winston fight for the right to sexy time with Reagan for whomever they decide gets the chance. While all that nonsense is happening, Cece and Schmidt are checking out wedding venues, and a little old school competition breaks out.

Deciding where to brunch is hard, you guys. Even harder? Deciding who gets to have sex with Reagan.

Reagan pitches the idea that if Nick and Winston can decide who gets to do the deed, she will take them to pound town (awkward Jess-like euphemism notwithstanding). Luckily Nick never has to decide what to wear, because his closet is filled with flannel, and Winston can throw on his LAPD gear without a care in the world. I still don’t know how Reagan can look so hot in such a casual outfit, but she is rocking that burgundy ribbed henley.

While the great debate is happening in the loft, Cece and Schmidt head out to scout wedding locales, which include a cabin, an almost abandoned warehouse, and a beautiful, far-out-of-their-reach hotel.

Cece’s hair is a bit flat, and that gives me the sads, but her romper is adorable, so I’m back on board. I always wonder how Schmidt can wear so many layers in Los Angeles. Maybe he doesn’t have sweat glands? In any case, he’s traipsing around town in his usual gingham button down and sweater smart-casual combo.

The dynamic duo run into a little unfriendly competition with Schmidt’s longtime frenemy Benjamin and his fiancé Mimi over the open slot in the hotel’s wedding schedule, which leads to an awkward love story between cousins.

I swear, Ben is wearing the same suit as my senior prom date. Great prom look, don’t get me wrong, but seems a little over dressed for the occasion, no? Same goes for Mimi in the damask body con dress, but it would be lovely for an after work cocktail party. Schmidt and Cece admit defeat in the contest over the venue, but Schmidt makes it all tolerable by conceding that his dream was just to marry Cece, no matter the location. All together: Awwww!

Unsurprisingly, Reagan manipulates the guys into dragging out their decision making process leading Winston to realize that the woman he really wants to be with is his partner, Aly.

Sadly, Aly doesn’t realize that Winston is asking her out when he asks her to grab a drink after work and she casually throws her new boyfriend into the post work drinks.

And Nick decides that he doesn’t want Reagan through a sex bet, and takes the whole thing off the table by wearing his father’s orange velour track suit. Reagan joins in and trows on her tiger print onesie to head to the bar, obviously.

The whole gang joins together to cheer Winston up with a song and we actually see Reagan fitting in here quite nicely.

I’m not sure how we’re going to deal with the newest gang member departing. I’m quite enjoying Reagan’s harsh demeanor as a departure from Jess’ over-the-top sweetness. I guess we will have to wait and see.