Reagan has settled into the loft, and because she is a beautiful woman, Nick obviously has a big crush on her. This is a whole “Nick and Jess live together and he loves her” scenario all over again.

And like that time, we are faced with Nick, who yells with his mouth full:

and a beautiful woman, who looks amazing in workout clothes and has perfectly done hair all the time.

This can’t end well. I see this ending either with crying in the bar or Nick somehow convincing Reagan they’re a good match. Neither of those sound good.

Meanwhile, Cece and Schmidt have had trouble spending some intimate time together due to Nick’s major lack of independence and his need to eat all of his meals in Schmidt’s room because of his fear of Reagan’s intimidating presence.

With Nick barging in on them in bed all the time, we get to see them partly undressed, which is a shame because Cece seemed to be wearing a very fashionable matching outfit. We only get to see Schmidt’s plaid shirt, which is very typical of him but kind of Nick-esque.

After Nick’s grand entrance, Cece and Schmidt try to find a reason to stop him being obsessed with Reagan, so they sit him down and tell him Reagan wears a wig (as you do to stop a crush, obviously).

My only issue is that Cece’s role as a mother is reinforced by that blouse. It may be that Reagan’s entrance in the house doesn’t make Cece the ultimate queen anymore, or maybe it’s because I’m so used to Cece’s amazing outfits that this one is a bit of a letdown.

Meanwhile, Winston makes it his goal to become friends with Reagan, following her while she jogs.

This girl is #goals. Whose hair looks like that when they run?? Perfect curls, winged liner, and some killer sports clothes never looked this good. I love that Winston is carrying pink baby weights, and the rest of his outfit is very Winston – colorful, patterned, and a little hipster for a running outfit.

Not to mention – their shoes are amazing. And they look hella good even in an action shot.

During this great bonding walk and a quick trip to the bar (which is always where you should go after a run), Winston agrees to break up with Reagan’s girlfriend for her.

The only thing that makes me a little confident about this plan is Winston’s amazing (as always) patterned shirt. Is there any way you wouldn’t trust a man wearing this shirt? I mean, he’s drinking a shirley temple. He screams vacation hunk who will take you to beautiful tropical places.

Obviously, this master plan didn’t work and Winston brings an angry ex back to the loft.

Ok, left to right: Reagan looks fierce in a laid back outfit and may have a hairstylist who’s even more skilled than Cece’s, Nick looks like he belongs on a couch for the next 18 hours watching tv, Cece’s blouse turned dress is still a disappointment but her hair makes up for it, Schmidt is an angry child who just got told that his dessert is being taken away, and Winston makes me happy with his Hawaiian shirt.

They may not be the original gang, but they sure worked like a team to help Reagan out with her breakup. Even if it ended with the ex trashing her room. Oops.

And who knows… Maybe Reagan and Nick will the new Nick and Jess!