Between dress shopping with Cece last week and sorting out Nick’s un-magical dating habits, Winston is apparently the true Jess Day understudy. After promising Winston that he’d set more “realistic” dating standards (um, thanks from all the “normal” girls, btw?) Nick abandons ship and persuades an attractive pharmaceutical sales rep to sublet Jess’s room. Meanwhile, Cece is still engagement-ring-less and Schmidt is losing his mind over how many guys hit on her. Well, duh.

While Nick wishes for some kind of magical moment to happen with a woman, I’m wishing for some kind of magical moment to happen with his closet. On the bright side, it’s nice to see him out of all the muted browns, grays, and olives. And thank God he’s not wearing flip flops.

Our resident all around wingman, Winston, is taking a break from his snappy style and kicking back in an LAPD hoodie. Maybe he missed laundry day?

But he’s back in fine form with this monochrome floral sweater after finally persuading Nick to take it down a notch and that installing a homemade rain shower with duct tape was dumb AF. Style and sense? Winston, you’re making an absolutely fine Jess v2.

PS: I would legit wear that sweater myself.

Meet 4D’s newest roommate, Reagan. Pharmaceutical saleswoman extraordinaire, Nick’s true love this month, rain shower connoisseur, 2003 MTV Beach House participant, and Cece’s ex-lover.

This may only be a classic black skirt suit, but…damn. Cece’s right – she does look pretty great dry.

Not many people can wear a t-shirt the way Cece wears a t-shirt, but it probably helps that her hair is magnificent. Schmidt, on the other hand, is wearing what I would imagine Grandpa would wear to Easter brunch.

Despite Schmidt’s elderly couture tendencies, they still make one knockout couple. The only thing missing? A freaking ENGAGEMENT RING. Hopefully Cece will have some noteworthy accessory in the next episode. One that doesn’t come out of Reagan’s back of medical goodies.