This week, Jane can’t get that steamy dream about sexy advisor Jonathan out of her head and it’s causing all kinds of awkward. Rogelio and Xiomara are all over the place, planning a party, Rogelio’s first solo babysitting gig, Ro proposes to Xo. It’s chaos. On the other side, Petra and Rafael are working together to try to bring the Marbella’s rep back up, and Michael and Susanna are doing things, too.

Let’s start with the not-so-interesting bits first, shall we? Michael and Susanna are working with Luisa to try and find her mother and former step-mother/lover. That’s not messed up at all.

Michael’s in his standard tight oxford cop gear, and Susanna is killing me with those boxy suits. We get it, you’re not from around here… lets get into the Miami spirit and add some color and flavor, amirite? Anyway, they discover that Rose is also Luisa’s half sister or something? To be honest, I haven’t really been paying attention to this storyline, so my facts are fuzzy…

Basically, the Solano family is f#$*!&@ crazy messed up, and Luisa is just now realizing, but is trying to help Michael and Susanna find her mother and Rose, and in the process pushes Susanna away by not being totally over Rose.

The ladies meet up and Susanna finally takes off that ill fitting jacket for a quick make out sesh, and decision to take a break from this totally appropriate working relationship.

And in the end we meet this new little lady who looks like a robot (it’s the dead eyes):

This clinical looking little lady calls Luisa’s mother “mother”, so there’s another half-sibling to add into this already confusing mix.

Ugh. Least interesting storyline OVER.

Now on to Petra and Rafael being all concerned about people canceling their events at the Marbella because of all the family drama.

Petra’s hair is stellar as usual, and girl can rock powder blue like no one I’ve ever seen, but I think the headline here is that Rafael is NOT wearing a solid colored shirt. It is still pink though.

Rafael manages to convince Petra that he can convince their most recent cancel-ee (I made up a word!) to reconsider by reminding her of his playboy days of when he actually stole her away from her then fiancé.

This monochromatic body-con dress is amazing, like a piece of Op Art. Love it. Rafael is looking greasy and creepy, which I guess is the vibe they were going for. Why did Petra ever choose him? Oh right. Money.

The dynamic duo heads over to their target Izzie’s art opening to try to convince her that she should still have her wedding with them.

Rafael’s sticking with is go-to color palette, so we’re safe there. Petra’s going with the abstract expressionism vibe to blend in with her surroundings. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work, and Izzie makes it abundantly clear that Petra is the reason she doesn’t want her wedding at the Marbella. Apparently, she pulled the old “Don’t you know who I am?” line with Izzie once before, and it has not been forgotten, but in fact inspired her most popular sculpture: “Trophy Wife.” Ouch.

After a failed attempt at reconciliation with Izzie, Petra tells Rafael that she never wanted to be thought of as a trophy wife, which is when we get a sweet flashback of the young lovebirds planning their wedding that makes Petra realize that the only way to get Izzie back is to offer to throw the wedding for free to save face.


Izzie’s one condition? To display “Trophy Wife” in the lobby of the hotel.

Petra even matches the sculpture in that silky coral number. Unfortunate. The now friendly exes even have a cute moment back at the office which leads to a little smooch. Unfortunately Petra’s not into it as long as Rafael is still hung up on Jane. Oh well.

Finally we’re on to Jane, and she’s having a little trouble getting that steamy dream out of her head.

Xiomara’s in her usual skimpy tank and shorts combo for doling out motherly advice, and Jane has got full length pants on again. What is happening?

Later that evening we head out to an initial reading of Jane’s novel, where everyone is in attendance, including hot professor.

Rogelio, Xiomara and Alba are quite the coordinated trio in their sunset shades. Big ups to Alba for having a far superior blazer collection to Susanna. I’m loving Jane’s black and white floral bird dress. It’s like adorable A-line wallpaper. It almost makes up for her slipping Jonathan’s name into her romantic storyline. Oops!

The next morning, Jane and Xo head over to Rogelio’s apartment to baby-proof, since he’ll be babysitting Mateo for the first time on his own, and Xiomara finds a diamond ring in his bedroom. Eek!

Rogelio’s got an extreme lack of lavender going on this episode, but it has proven that the man can wear anything. Xiomara’s trying to hide her disappointment with Rogelio for passing down that family heirloom of a ring to Jane in shorts that I think I owned back in the nineties, and Jane has a really cute tee going on to rearrange that super dangerous for a child place.

Jane heads off to another overly dressed up meeting with her professor to test the attraction waters.

You have to give it to Jane, she knows what works for her, and that royal blue dress fits her like a dream. Too bad the Jonathan from her dream is no where to be found. He does manage to ask if he can bring his mother to Rogelio’s set giving Jane the opportunity to see him outside of the school setting. Score?

The next day, Jane reluctantly drops Mateo off with Rogelio, and it turns out exactly how you might expect when Mateo accidentally swallows the diamond for the ring that Rogelio is planning on giving to Xiomara when he proposes at her birthday party.

Another non lavender shirt for Rogelio (he’s off his game), and Jane in a nineties looking shirt dress makes for a slightly depressing scene where Jane really lays into Rogelio for not being responsible enough to take care of Mateo.

Jane quickly learns that she was too harsh on her dad and apologizes at the set where she’s meeting Jonathan and his mom.

Ahh, a breath of lavender fresh air! And Jane’s wearing an adorable peach tee with scalloped sleeves (didn’t she wear the same in white for last week’s ep?).

After a great visit full of awkward flirting and uncomfortable looking parents, Jonathan walks Jane out to her car and this happens:

Jane kisses Jonathan’s sweater when he goes to open the door for her. Yikes! Don’t worry, though, girl, we’ve all been there.

On the plus side, Xiomara gets a night of singing at the club, but it coincides with her 40th birthday bash being thrown by Rogelio, and the news isn’t being received well, but being the ever doting boyfriend, he still shows up to support his leading lady along with Jane and Alba.

I love Jane’s ruffled dress and little pink clutch, again matching Alba really well with that floral jacket.

And Xiomara’s performance dress is all kinds of hot with those olive sequins. 

Love. It would be perfect for accepting a proposal from your one and only, no? Apparently not, because Rogelio wants more kids and Xiomara’s done with that part of her life. Uh oh! Is this the deal breaker that will end this long lost love story?

And in Jane’s love life, she’s realizing that maybe the promise she made to Alba all those years ago isn’t as realistic as she thought. She also comes to the decision that she can’t stay on as an advisee to sexy professor Jonathan while she has a crush on him, so she goes to end their working relationship.

Jane seems so have given up on the sexy schoolgirl dresses to visit Jonathan in favor of frumpy, but it doesn’t seemed to have deterred Jonathan from asking her out once she ditches him as an adviser. Squeee!

I do like where this is heading, but who wouldn’t want to date Professor Chavez?