On a show with this much plotline per episode, you may think it’s hard to figure out the theme of the week. Luckily, this is also a show with elements of magical realism so they make the subtext quite apparent. This week is all about Jane’s struggle with writer’s block, exacerbated by a laptop incident that had every writer in the world shaking our heads like, been there, girl. She’s stuck not only in her writing, but also in her love life. Luckily, she’s got World’s Best BFF Lina to help with the latter and her advisor Hot Adam Rodriguez to help with the former.

We start things back in the day, with tween Jane showing that she apparently emerged from the womb in breezy summer shorts and separates.

Present-day Jane, seen here basking in the glow of inspiration as she writes at her laptop, is wearing either a very stylish PJ top or a very wrinkley linen top. Both appropriate for a new Mom/grad student, but not where bloggers like me find their inspiration. Jane, much as you need your muse, you are literally my muse right now and I need some earrings, a beach wave, something.

Good news: Mateo learns to crawl! Bad news:  Mateo knocks a pitcher of orange juice onto Jane’s laptop. This leads to a trip to Totally Not The Apple Store, where Spencer’s season one fling/Mexican telenovela star Diego Boneta works. ¡Qué coincidencia!

Jane’s entirely focused on restoring her computer files, but Lina’s picking up what he’s throwing down, which is: very clear flirting with Miss Jane Villanueva. Loving the side-eye here. Lina knows what’s going down.

Jane and Diego are also showing one of the episode’s themes which is: couples in matching outfits. Diego’s stuck in his Definitely Not The Apple Store uniform, but Jane’s Topshop white tee with scalloped sleeves is a higher-end mirror image. So you can tell these two belong together, moreso than Lina in her (studded?) floral print.

Related: can Lina get a spinoff web series or something? I need more of her carefree joie de vivre and Xiomara Jr. fashion in my life, please. The studs are maybe overkill on this floral top but Jane’s in a white tee so I’m grateful for any print action at this point. The delicate hoop earrings are a great addition, especially with the high pony.


Reason number 1,000 for more Lina: she gets Jane out of the house and out on the town. First, she secretly gives Jane a Totally Not Tinder account, which is sort of like benevolent catfishing. Jane heads out for her first online date with this romantic half-updo… that sort of foreshadows how carried away she gets by instantly imagining her marrying this dude and raising Mateo with him. 

This Forever 21 dress, while cute, is yet another standard-issue Jane sundress. Jane: be my muse, come on. LOL at the Mateo photobomb in this pic:

Anyway, Saint Lina Of My Heart then drags Jane out for a night on the town. For this momentous occasion, she serves up full on ballerina drag and I AM GAGGING ON HOW MUCH I LOVE IT:

EXQUISITE. Sort of like if Jennifer Lopez starred in Black Swan.

Jane, as per usz, is both over-dressed and under-dressed for this occasion. Overdressed, in that this is sort of Florida business cazh, not clubwear. And underdressed, in that her hair looks the same as when she’s at home watching Netflix and her necklace is so miniscule as to be invisible. Lina needs to do an ambush makeover next.

That said, Jane still manages to snag Diego Boneta. He gives her a crash course in skateboarding, leading to Jane’s literal crash, leading to this moment. ¡Hola, Diego!

Buuut then it turns out he’s already got a girlfriend. C U L8R SK8R BOI.

Jane’s adventures in dating bring out some awkwardness in her relaysh with Rafael. They’ve been on the on-again/off-again so many times I can’t even remember what the last dealbreaker was. But remember about the matchy couples thing? Look at this cute, khaki-clad family.


AND RAFAEL’S SHIRT IS NOT SKIN TIGHT. REPEAT: HIS SHIRT IS NOT SKIN-TIGHT. What Sliding Doors mirror universe have we fallen into??

Things get back to normal when Raf slips into something a little less comfortable to visit his other artificially inseminated babymama. Interestingly, his ensemble matches Petra too:

Speaking of, if you’re going to go on bed rest while pregz with twins, this is the way to do it. SUH CUHTE.

Also SUH CUHTE? Flashback L’Il Rogelio, already rocking his trademark lavender. This kid actor nails this scene and I hope we get lots more of him in future. I could do without Flashback Rita Moreno’s wig but whatevs.

But lose the wig and we can focus on present-day Rita giving us NECKLACE, SCARF, and FACE. 

Her eyeshadow is lavender, you guys. She and Rogelio are essentially one person.

Xo’s looks were on point this week, more rompers and maxis than bedazzled cutoffs, so I’m good. Except about this lopsided hi-lo hem that’s more like lo-hi-lo. Pick a length and stick with it, Xo.

P.S. Rogelio’s new telenovela is about a time traveler who seems sort of like Doctor Who but with sex and drag queens, and how is this not an actual thing? I would binge that on the reg.

Oh and then also in the land of Sin Rostro and all that, it turns out that Michael’s dead ex-partner/piece Nadine hid the MacGuffin USB in his leg. IN HIS LEG. Which she sliced open with a bottle. AND HE DIDN’T NOTICE.

On the one hand: that’s the world’s smallest USB. On the other hand: did he not clean that wound at all post-bottle-incident? That was planted inside of him like a tracker in a beloved family pet.

The episode ends with Jane realizing that maybe Mr. Right Now has been in front of her all along in the form of Hot Adam Rodriguez like, finally she notices her faculty adviser was a supporting actor in Magic Mike AND Magic Mike XXL.

The show played like their love connection was actually happening, but as soon as we saw Jane in this off-the-shoulder Danielle Steel made for TV movie look, it was clearly going to be a dream sequence.

But whatever, this leading lady got to hook up with Adam Rodriguez AND Diego Boneta in the same week which may be her greatest accomplishment after winning the Golden Globe. Get it, girl.

Yeah, that’s going to make their next meeting at school a leeeetle tense.

Cute pjs, too.