With Jess’s departure for a month for jury duty, Cece is left with all boys in the apartment. She may have some big shoes to fill, but she sure dresses the part.

With Audrey Hepburn-inspired hair, a bright tunic a la Jessica Day, and a plaid boy eating take-out by her side, Cece fits right in.

Nick looks surprisingly handsome and put together, with no plaid in sight and gorgeous messy hair. It’s easy to forget that he doesn’t know how to do anything in a house. Winston looks dashing as always with his patterned button-down, reminding us that he’ll always be the most hipster and edgy guy in the house.

Winston gets suspicious that Casey is cheating on him, so decides to post a selfie with Cece to get back at her.

Upon first look, it’s perfect. Trendy button down, a beautiful girl in a beautiful denim jumpsuit… and then there’s the peace sign. Almost there Winston!

Nick decides to plan Schmidt’s bachelor party in Japan, which leads to some (expected) devastating news that they can’t afford it. With Jess’s absence, Nick decides to rent out rooms in the house in order to raise money for the trip. Obviously everyone is very pleased with their new roommates, who happen to be a family of three, a middle-aged man, and a woman who doesn’t speak English.

What a good looking cleanup crew. I wasn’t aware that Barbie and Ken knew how to scrub kitchen floors.

What’s this? Hi, Fred Armisen!

I’m just really happy that we finally have a nerdy erotica-writing roommate in the apartment. I mean that’s all we were really missing at this point! And he understands that plaid is part of the dress code — welcome to the family!

Meanwhile, Nick’s sole responsibility is to not sleep with the non-English speaking roommate in order to not screw everything up. And obviously, he completely ignores the only responsibility he has.

While trying to communicate the fact that he still wants her to pay rent despite their sexual intercourse, Nick accidentally makes her think that he is a prostitute. Great. And this girl is not meeting the high fashion expectations Jess and Cece set for her. Sigh.

With Jess’s absence, Cece’s bad advice leads to Casey dumping Winston, so to get back at her, Cece goes to her house and announces that Winston is dead.

Honestly, as terrible as they are, they make a hell of a team. Winston’s laid-back and stylish look combined with Cece’s jacket—which is to die for—makes a dynamic duo. Can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for us.

And finally… Nerdy Fred turns out a tiny bit weird. Jess 2.0 has arrived!