We once again meet the source of Rogelio’s fabulous commitment to lavender, when Rita Moreno shows up as his fabulous, lavender-bedecked mom. Plus, Petra clears her name and Jane strikes a blow for nerds everywhere by forcing a jock to actually write a paper in the class she’s teaching.

So Jane’s sleep-training Mateo, which means this week is heavy on the PJs.

And Jane, for all her many estimable qualities, is not on the Jess Day / Mindy Lahiri level when it comes to sleepwear. Sweats are a perfectly reasonable thing to sleep in but super boring to recap, so let’s not waste time on all the sleepless night montages, okay? We’ll just note that Alba was correct, as always, and move on to Jane’s teacher outfits.

Let’s start with this sleek and simple teal Donna Morgan knit dress.

How sweet is that little multicolored belt?

The black floral is tailored and profesh.

And look how psyched Jane is to have successfully explained Pride and Prejudice with sports metaphors! This adorable little nerd is my favorite.

Especially when she fails a jock for plagiarizing his paper. Goody two-shoes nerd solidarity, Jane! (I’m not a cool person, you guys. Sorry if you thought I was.)

This is one of her everyday sundresses, but apparently Jane decided her shoulders were too scandalous for class—hence the blah gray cardigan. That dress has great structure, though; get the zippered pockets just under the waist.

I do not love these pants. They’re fine out of context, but they’re close enough to Gina Rodriguez’s skin tone that if you just glance at the screen, it looks like her legs are completely bare.

And that actually would be scandalous. Snaps for the plaid Joie blouse, though.

Meanwhile, Petra’s working on clearing her name after her mother falsely accused her of murder.

There’s some paralleling between Petra and Jane’s costumes this week, which has happened a few times this season. This gray jersey top is uncharacteristically drapey even for heavily-pregnant Petra, but it echoes Jane’s drapey gray cardigan.

And this sweet little eyelet dress echoes Jane’s white sundress.

Between this and her pregnancy, Petra’s following in Jane’s footsteps in more ways than one.

But Petra does not share Jane’s aversion for baring her shoulders.

She’s been on a nautical stripes kick lately, no?

While things are looking up for Petra, Luisa continues to be a hot mess.

But she’s a very Holly Golightly-looking hot mess with that silhouette. Girlfriend should wear her hair up more often.

Xo doesn’t have tons to do this week, but let’s take a second to appreciate her meet-the-boyfriend’s-mother outfits.

This is demure as fuck. That sheer blue is dreamy and makes her skin look perfect.

Where does Xo get her never-ending collection of silk blouses?

And how does she keep them from getting ruined by sweat stains in Miami?

Also, is this the only episode in which she has failed to wear a pair of short shorts? I don’t think Rita Moreno would have been offended, if that’s what Xo’s worrying about.

She’s working the hell out of this pink, though.

Speaking of living legend and EGOT-winner Rita Moreno, I love that she’s Rogelio’s mom Liliana, because that is the only possible explanation for Rogelio’s levels of fabulousness.

She also shares his commitment to lilac. Look at the way that blazer and that necklace play off each other!

And the ropes of pearls she breaks out for dinner!

This is how you do statement jewelry, kids.

Rafael’s mom could stand to learn a thing or two, tbh. Sure, she’s a criminal mastermind who abandoned her son and is stabbing him with syringes and dragging him off to who knows where, but let’s focus on the important things here: Her fashion sense is kind of basic.

Is this why Rafael only owns three shirts? Did he imprint on the way his mother wears only bland white button-downs and decide that was the way to live, only *he’d *also add in some blue and pink every now and then for a little pop?

Next week, #TeamHotAdamRodriguez might be getting some good news! We’ll be ready to judge him on the most important criteria of all: his wardrobe.