What Jess Wore Instead of an “I Heart Jury Duty” Sandwich Board

Are we really that surprised that Jess Day loves jury duty? Are we surprised that they share the same initials? Didn’t think so. But her zest for patriotic duty aside, Lady Liberty finds herself torn between wanting to be the twelfth angry man and becoming her school’s acting principal (side note: that is the DREAM). Meanwhile, 4D is up in arms because Cece and Nick hate each other. Not really. But kind of. Oh, and Winston broke the apartment.

If anyone was going to dress to impress for jury selection, you know it’d be Jess. Not one to take advantage of this time honored American tradition, Jess went courtroom couture with this custom-made (for real. Google it) red dress and she does not disappoint. And good thing she brought her A-game…

Because hello, handsome lawyer man. If all jury duty auditions starred a dashing, well dressed man offering to buy you your herbal tea I feel like the selection process would be less of a struggle. I smell a romantic story arc brewing here and I do not object. Not even a little.

Plaid shirt. Jeans. Flip-flops. Which of these does not belong? I’m just going to assume that Nick is wearing flip-flops (!?!?!) as some kind of house shoe. On the other hand, you can’t really blame the guy. Ever since Cece’s closet threw up all over the apartment, God knows what he might step on.

Looks like resident model, Cece Parikh, is no slouch in the pajama department. 

And apparently, neither is Schmidt. I can’t say that I’m surprised he’s the one wearing the kimono.

How can someone who is so all over the place look so put together? Cece is effortlessly trendy in a blouson tank top that is rapidly becoming a staple (or maybe she couldn’t find the top she actually wanted to wear because it was probably in the kitchen) and Schmidt is, as usual, moonlighting as a Banana Republic catalog model.

Amid Jess’s field trip to the courthouse and the Nick vs. Cece showdown, Winston is determined to…decorate. And as things are wont to go wrong where Officer Bishop is involved, he broke the wall trying to hang some artwork in this awesomely tropically printed shirt.

Here’s Nick in more plaid and Winston in more tropical prints. I guess they’re not so much for straying too far outside their comfort zones. But at least Nick and Cece made their peace and will try to co-habitate for Schmidt’s sake.

All right, I’m almost pretty sure that not all of the clothes we saw on the floors, tables, couches, and possibly the rafters were blouson-y. Cece, it’s a good look, but switch it up a little. Even Schmidt alternates between sweaters and button ups.

Jess begins her foray into the life of a sequestered juror (chin up, there’s a hotel pool!) in this lovely casual and comfy number. She’s at it again with her collars but I’ll forgive Jess just about anything. Especially since those collars and playful patterns will be MIA for the next month.

And with Jess away, I wonder what the roommates will play…