What Jess Wore to Woo Her Date’s Parents

With the wedding craziness out of the way for now, we switch to another new and exciting venture — Nick and Schmidt become part-owners of the bar!

Schmidt has to be wearing a nice suit jacket for this occasion, with the fluffiest yet most structured hair I’ve ever seen, while Nick keeps it real with his usual plaid. Kudos to Cece for matching her nails to her shirt! And always having the most perfectly wavy hair. Her and Schmidt are obviously meant to be!

Meanwhile, Jess decides to go on a date, so she heads to her date’s house to watch a movie in his (and I quote) “dope ass home theater”.

She decided to wear her prairie outfit, in case she had a Sound of Music rehearsal after the date. All jokes aside, only Jess could consistently pull outfits like this off. And a headband in 2015. Her date, on the other hand, looks like he’ll be more of a Nick than a Schmidt or Winston in terms of clothes. Earth tones, not much excitement, and he matches his couch.

Schmidt decides to alter business at the bar by making Nick impose harsher rules on his employees. He even gets Nick to wear a dress shirt for the meeting.

I repeat: Nick is wearing a dress shirt! This is not a drill. At least Schmidt is wearing a full on suit. We could never have those two on the same page, that would be blasphemy!

Unfortunately, Schmidt’s advice leads to trouble at the bar — Nick fires Javier for bad behavior and Schmidt gets ready for defense when Javier gets angry…

Ah yes. Schmidt has assumed this pose, which I assume is some sort of failed karate move. At least he and Nick are on the same fanciness scale now, both wearing dress shirts and ties. Although Nick looks like a bar mitzvah bartender. Not his best look.

Jess falls in love with her date (Fred)’s parents after they woo her on her date with Fred, and Jess realizes that Fred is actually uninteresting and the worst and she just wants to spend time with his parents.

I mean, look at them. They look straight out of a perfect home magazine. I feel like Flip could pitch the perfect tent and Nancy would make a killer apple pie. I also happen to love Nancy’s outfit, and with some oversized shades, she could look like a country version of Jackie O.

Fred’s boringness definitely shows in his outfits.

I mean, how can someone wearing this date Jessica Day? He’s not even wearing plaid even (never thought I’d say that), but neutral earth tones. Ew. You can’t compare that to Jess, who looks like a Chanel ad ready to happen.

Winston and Jess come up with a master plan to get rid of Fred and only hang out with his cool parents, which leads to Winston asking his fellow police officer to pull them over on the way to dinner.

I’m glad someone wears some colors and patterns (hint hint Fred), thank you Winston.

Jess ends up breaking up with Fred and his parents, and Nick hired Javier back and gets rids of Schmidt’s rules. Everything is back to normal! Cheers!