Jess is back, in all her adorkable glory. As Cece and Schmidt’s respective Maid of Honor and Best Man, Jess and Nick are put in charge of their engagement party. What could go wrong? What with Jess inviting Cece’s mother as a super fun surprise, and Nick scheduled to pick said mom up from the airport, THINGS WILL BE FINE.


We open with Jess and Nick being appointed to their bridal party positions, and Jess subsequently declaring 2016 as “The Year of Us.” She does so with a ridiculous song, as per usual. I am not going to sing it for you, but trust, you’re not missing anything.

I think the most surprising thing in this group shot is that Winston has his top button undone. Dude is usually buttoned up to the Adam’s apple. I also take issue with Jess’s sunny yellow sweater that’s a bit slouchy for her character, but I suppose it’s idea for covering the real life baby bump. Head-to-toe shots will be a rarity, mark my words.


We flash-forward one month, where Jess switches it up to a basic blue oxford to get the party organized, and Schmidt just takes off the sweater from earlier. Wait, no. This is a different shirt that’s the same color as his sweater from before. Gosh, he’s so color-coordinated.

They discuss Nick’s one simple job of picking up Cece’s mother at the airport. Nick’s super responsible, you guys, it’ll be fine.


Not long after, Jess takes a little heat from Cece for inviting her mother, as Cece never actually TOLD her that she was getting married to a man whiter than white bread. And also Jess manages to fall down a spectacularly huge staircase and break two legs and one arm in the process.

I think we’ve seen some variation of this top on Cece about a million times. Don’t get me wrong, girl can work a wrap blouse like no other, but she he’s some pretty great garb in that wardrobe. Let’s pull something new out once in a while!


After Nick picks up the wrong Indian woman at the airport, Jess borrows her neighbor’s mobility scooter and hightails it over to the reception venue to solve the Mama P problem.

Luckily Winnie the Bish is on hand to carry Jess up the stairs to save the day. Jess’ navy trench is lovely, but alas, we never really see it in full because she’s  ̶h̶i̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶a̶b̶y̶  sitting or being carried the whole time.


Jess and the Bish make it upstairs just in time to save the day and introduce the Bollywood dance troupe she hired to perform, while also trying to sway Cece’s mother’s opinion of Schmidt. And of things in general.

How intimidating is Cece’s Mom? White tweed blazer and pencil skirt, tangerine blouse and gold jewels…the woman is a vision, and we can see where Cece gets her style from, no? Cece’s rocking her royal blue body-con dress but I wish she would stand up straight. You were a model for chrissakes. Have some pride.


Speaking of pride, Schmidt and Nick leave theirs on the dance floor and join “Mahatmoves Ghandi” in their epic performance. Sadly, not even their commitment to Bollywood dance can convince Mama P that Schmidt is the right man for Cece.

At least Nick threw on a tie for the occasion?

I’m sure that soon enough, The Gang will melt Cece’s ice queen of a mother, but until then, there’s a 100% chance of much hijinkery (and baby bump hiding) to come.