It’s New Year’s Eve AND #TBT, so let’s revisit the vaults with some of our favorite recaps of the year. Happy New Year, kids!


Downton Abbey: Season 5, Episode 2

Ok, technically this first aired in 2014, but it didn’t land on the left side of the pond until 2015. Anyway, this was the episode where Anna went to the chemist to buy some ::ahem:: “sheaths” for m’lady. Also we have Carson, with the wireless, in the front hall.


Empire: Poor Yorick

We love us a bandwagon, and finally hopped aboard the Empire express for episode 02×04. As long as Cookie keeps serving up MJ-inspired Moschino, we’re here for the long haul.


Girls: Tad & Loreen & Avi & Shanaz

This was the one where Hannah’s dad came out, and Shosh casually wore Bliss gloves. On a different show, I would assume this outfit was meant for lounging about the house, but on Girls, one can never be too sure.


Mad Men: Person to Person

Obvs, this was our favorite Mad-cap of the year. Or maybe ever? It’s in the top 5, at least. Should you need a reminder, this is the one WHERE THE SHOW ENDED. Also, Joan did coke.


Mindy Project: When Mindy Met Danny

Kind of a favorite, but also kind of really hard to watch? At any rate, it’s hard to imagine an episode this gut-wrenching back when Mindy was on FOX, which indicates the move to Hulu is a good thing for the series. Also, it’s laudable for this hot pink action above. More bright colors in 2016, please!


New Girl: Walk of Shame

No phone, no money, no dignity.


Pretty Little Liars: Game Over, Charles



Reign: The Hound and the Hare

Advice for Renaissance kids: Do not have sex. You will die.


Revenge: Two Graves

Was it The Best Revenge (!!!) Ever? Maybe not, but we must give props to the finale for a series that had us hooked from its debut back in 2011. Long live plotting balconies and red sharpies!