So, this year’s Pantone color of the year is… actually two colors: rose quartz and serenity (AKA soft baby pink and blueish pastel lavander). Both of these sweet shades are easy to imagine in an eyeshadow or a set of bedsheets, but how to wear them??

Rose quartz

… with a pop of color

OK, if you’re able to move your eyes from the never-not-awful WTF of the Pants That Ate Paris, you’ll notice Serena’s accessorizing with a rose quartz-adjacent hat flourish and a bag and tank in a sort of muted rose quartz.

– from Gossip Girl 4×01 “Belles du Jour”


with a pop of color AND fur

Mad Men’s Trudy pulls the same trick here, adding a bright carryall to her rose quartz jacket. And this super-short hem is perfect for this year’s climate change-irrific festive season!

– from Mad Men 7×14: Person to Person


… with a pop of color and businesslady accessories

New Girl’s Jess adds both a pop of color AND a black blazer to her rose quartz lewk, proving its versatility as a neutral:

– from New Girl 4×12 “Shark”


… with slightly more than a pop of color 

It’s pretty well buried here, but Cookie’s smaller purse (with the muppet face) is sort of rose quartz adjavent. As is her lippie, I think?

– from Empire 2×08 “My Bad Parts”


… peignoir style

The thing about rose quartz is that, on some skin tones, it’s going to look like you’re straight-up naked. So just lean into it and throw down some rose quartz bedroom style.

from Revenge 1×10 “Loyalty”


… princess style

Reign’s Kenna combined rose quartz with other complementary pink tones and patterns (and the show’s trademark stellar jewelry), avoiding the inevitable overly princessy look of H-to-T pink:

– from Reign 2×18 “Reversal of Fortune”

Still miss you on that show, boo.


Regarding our previous note about the dangers of being overly princessy, check out 90210’s Naomi impossibly pulling this shizz off:

– from 90210 5×20 “You Can’t Win ‘Em All”

Like, how is it possible that she looks fantastic?



… Dowager style

On the serenity side of the spectrum, the Dowager Countess shows us how to pair complementary blues to make a strong statement.

– from Downton Abbey 5×05

And yeah, the statement here may be “my hat is the love child of Cookie Monster and Captain Hook” but you know you love it.


Mindy Lahiri lives her life in vibrant Crayola hues, but obvz her work scrubs are in shades of serenity:

– from The Mindy Project 4×13 “When Mindy Met Danny”


ice princess style

Remember last Christmas, when the Liars headed to an ice ball all done up like hipster versions of Queen Elsa? Spencer won that throwdown in this drapey, embellished number.

– from PLL 5×13 “How the A Stole Christmas”


With its Miami setting, it’s no wonder that Jane the Virgin would be on board these oceanic-adjacent trends. While Petra’s look is a bit bluer than serenity, the same principle would work for that hue. H-to-T works best with varying textures:

– from Jane the Virgin 2×02 “Chapter Twenty-Four”


Rose quartz & serenity: together at last!

If you can tear your eyes from Jane’s Real Sister-Wife of Miami ensemble, you’ll note that Raf is basically the poster boy for the 2016 Pantone colors:

– from Jane the Virgin 2×08 “Chapter Thirty”

Rose quartz & serenity: not just for the ladies.


And how did the PLL costumers accurately predict this color combo for 2015? Because  check out the color combo being worn by grown-up Ali in last season’s finale:

The new season is def set in 2016, y’all.