What Mindy Wore in 2007

Let’s be honest: last year’s very network-television season finale doesn’t even come close to this year’s emotionally complex season finale. And sure, even though the past two episodes have been setting up Danny and Mindy’s downfall — we all knew it was coming — it still isn’t easy to see Mindy (or anyone for that matter) crying on the floor with only Sam Smith playing in the background. The message this year ’round? Stick up for yourself and don’t stay invisible to the ones you love — which, Mindy demonstrates perfectly through costume.

This episode takes it back to 2007, when Mindy first meets Danny. Spoiler alert: Danny was always a grump.

What else hasn’t changed is Mindy’s obsession with pink and Chanel. 8 years ago, and she still dresses exactly the same.

In present day, Danny and Mindy are bickering about whether or not to have more children. YAWN. Didn’t we settle all this on August 18, 1920?

I’m glad Mindy clearly DGAF:

I have to say, I always love Mindy’s holiday outfits the best. Like this tartan dress over top a print buttondown — perfect holiday wear!

Not a huge fan of this red sweater with zigzag sequins. Or argyle gone wrong?

I really don’t understand where she finds all these odd print sweaters. But I have to give her points for fitting in with the decor:

And if anything, this bling prob makes up for everything wrong.

I’m hoping Mindy’s first day outfit, in 2007, is supposed to show the old, pre-Danny Mindy. AKA someone who was bold enough to wear this:

I mean, on my own, I would never think of this pink skirt suit as a perfect first work day outfit. But NOW… this makes me want to get a new job, just so I can replicate this outfit.

Sure, it may not be the most flattering outfit she’s ever worn. Those puff sleeves are a little too old for her age, and the pink color looks weird in certain angles.

But do I even care? Because 2007 Mindy is brave, ambitious, and sees the silver lining in every bad situation.

Just like that lining on her skirt’s hem. LOVE.

What else is great about 2007 Mindy, is that she changes her outfit 3 times in one day — and says it out loud. I happen to think this ultra flattering, sleek purple dress is one of her best in the episode:

I’m not a huge fan of side contrast panels, but this lace is perfection.

Her third outfit is a lot more typical to 2015 Mindy. A print blouse, gorgeous statement earrings, and a flippy skirt.

I love that the skirt has a little squiggle print on it.

Unfortunately, Danny tries to drive her out of the practice (not surprising) but makes her come back (surprising). 

Sidenote: do any doctors really wear scrubs like this? 

They’re pretty hot.

Mindy had forgotten Danny’s advice from 2007: “Don’t ever let anyone stop you from doing what you want. Not even me.” She measures Leo’s crib, goes to her West Village apartment, and measures her closet. Perfect fit. Excuse me while I clutch my heart. 

What She Doesn’t Need Anymore: Danny

What Is Pretty Great To Have Instead: Sam Smith and Chanel crossbody. 

The rest of the season is obviously gonna be real. No Danny, just Mindy and Leo? Let’s DO THIS!