What Mindy Wore to Her Engagement Party

Danny wants to set a date, which means Mindy is in full wedding planning mode … with the help of Ma and Dot, of course. After a surprise visit from the Lahiris, Ma feels like there isn’t a place for her in the wedding. Fortunately, Ma’s words of wisdom inspire Mindy to join Jody at a Later, Baby pitch, and Mindy assures Annette she’s her “Ma,” too. Meanwhile, Danny continues regressing to the patriarchal stereootype he’s always threatened to become.

As always, Mindy starts off her day with a perfect pajama set and only a little bit of eye makeup.

On any other show I’d find this unrealistic, but with Mindy I just assume she fell asleep the night prior with her eye makeup on. Mindy: she’s just like us!

For a casual dinner with the Castellanos, Richie, and Rishi, Mindy wears this beautiful wine-colored sweater and a classic pair of diamond drop earrings.

I know brights are Mindy’s thing, but this color is so rich-looking on her. It should be real-life Mindy’s go to for red carpet wear.


Her wedding dress, on the other hand, is only red carpet ready if that carpet is leading to the steps of the Vatican.

I’m surprised Annette’s insisting Mindy wear white. You’d think she’d insist on a black dress and veil to hide the shame of all her time living in sin. Either way, it doesn’t matter—the dress is clearly all wrong for Mindy. Sure, the plain neckline creates a simple backdrop for a statement necklace, but how is she supposed to wear a trademark pair of massive jeweled drops if you can’t even see her ears?


Fortunately, Mrs. Lahiri’s in town, and she understands Mindy’s sartorial needs.

The Lahiris: proving that accessorizing is a genetic trait.


Mindy’s asked Tamara to model her wedding gown for maximum accuracy. By her wedding, Mindy plans to have grown several inches.

I’m pretty sure this is what Kylie Jenner will get married in. Mindy would take that as a compliment, so I’ll just leave it at that. Her coral dress with a beaded bodice, however, is absolutely adorable and a classic Mindy look. Check out this detailing!

 Okay, sorry, it’s a little blurry. But it’s so sparkly! And I love that she’s gone with a turquoise earring for contrast, but the top of the earring has the reddish coral to tie the look together. That’s straight-up art.


For work and announcing her engagement party, Mindy rocks a blouse with a 70s vibe and yet another amazing pair of statement earrings.

The top’s probably my least favorite outfit this episode, but those earrings are so fabulous that I’m almost willing to give it a pass. Given how well the dark and light blues of the earrings match the blues of the top, I’m starting to suspect that the costume designer finds a rocking pair of earrings first then builds an outfit around them.  It’s either that or straight up witchcraft.


And, again, just a reminder that accessorizing is genetic ….

So are side ponies and pulling off patterns, apparently. Can we keep Mrs. Lahiri, please? I love Annette because more Annette means more Dot, but … I’d listen to Mrs. Lahiri tell stories about community theater any day if it meant more outfits like this one. 


 Mindy celebrates her engagement as only she can: with a stomach cutout on a fierce black dress.

This is actually a really cute silhouette for her. The neckline is super flattering, and the cutout really plays to her curves. Plus, the massive gold cuff and matching headress is giving the whole look Wonder Woman vibes. But there’s something missing …

Why yes, Mindy does have earrings that perfectly match her headress. Would you expect anything less?


After the party and a fight with Danny about whether she’ll keep working now that he’s back, Mindy pays a visit to Annette. Like any woman who’s just realized she has to abandon her dreams to appease her regressive fiancee, Mindy’s wearing a bright pink parka and her finest sweats.

With a Chanel crossbody, naturally. It’s not like she’s suddenly going to schlep to Staten Island with a ratty hobo she bought two years ago at Old Navy. What is she, a farmer?


To inspire a room full of women to skip spring break and freeze their eggs, Mindy goes full Elle Woods. It’s smart marketing, really. Wouldn’t you follow the life advice of a woman this perfectly coordinated?

“She owns hot pink heels, but they don’t look like they’re from Chinese Laundry,” 22 year old me would think. “She must really have her life together.”

And she does … right up until her flight home, when Jody suggests that maybe Mindy isn’t going to be happy with a life of raising Danny’s kids and keeping Later, Baby as a hobby.

Behold, the plaid sweater of self-doubt. No good comes of this, you guys. But if it means Mindy ends up being a kickass single mom raising her son Leo while running an egg-freezing empire, I’ll be happy. I love Diamond Dan, but his whole “Leo needs a stay at home mom for stability” routine is getting old. Free Mindy!