Whew. This week, we flash through about 5 months time in one hour, but, surprisingly, not much happens*. We get to see Petra’s maternity style evolve as she grows increasingly preggers, with twins bt-dubs. Prediction: one will be good and one will be eeeevil, because… obviously, right? We also learn that Mateo is set to inherit a cool $40 mil, which causes Jane to freak out he’ll grow up with affluenza… like a certain dude she knows. All that AND Jane is really struggling to keep up with school and all things Mateo at the same time. Buckle up kids – lots of pics ahead.

*Compared to most episodes of this jam-packed show. 


Part One: Petra and her amazingly fast growing pregnant belly

Jane got a whole season to gestate, but Petra gets through more than half of it in this single episode. Starting with Petra, a few months pregz, helping to negotiate a price for all of those hand grenades Milos brought into her life. She’s a lucky, lucky lady.

At least she gets to do so looking spectacular in a little white peplum number. Unfortunately the two hot headed men in the room can not agree, and Milos is off to find another buyer.


A month or so later, Petra’s asking Jane for a little sympathy. Her morning sickness is out of control (a la Princess Kate), and her awful mother is in prison. So sad.

She does look innocent enough in that baby blue, bump hugging frock. Doesn’t seem to have swayed Jane though since girlfriend hasn’t forgotten Magda THREW ABUELA DOWN THE STAIRS.


Down but not out, Petra heads for her ultrasound scan with, like all women on this show, two men in tow. ANd surprise! She’s having twins! That’s some well-maneuvered sperm turkey basting.

Cue daddy panic face x 2.


This twin twist (#BigBrother) causes Jane to give in to her sympathetic instincts, and she helps arrange for Magda’s release. We’re now three months into pregnancy, when Petra’s just big enough for Magda to criticise her for her size. Guessing Petra’s at least partly regretting her mother’s newfound freedom.

That said, mother and daughter seem to match upon release with Magda in a lovely blue and pink muumuu, and Petra in that flowy fuchsia wrap dress. Lovely coordination.


God knows how far into the future, Milos is off to Russia to meet with another buyer, and Petra and Magda couldn’t be happier to be rid of him. Until they find out that Ivan (aka dude they accidentally held hostage last season) is coming to babysit. Joy.

I’m not sure about this form fitting blue shift on Petra, I think with out the belly it would probably be perfect. She’s gone from elegant Middleton pregnancy fashion to Kim K style bodycon pregnancy looks and I’m not feeling it.


One month later and Magda and Petra are doubly psyched to find out that Ivan has to go help Milos overseas. Meaning: they can finally dump those hand grenades out of their lives.

Magda’s muumuu collection may just rival Jess’s pyjama collection over on New Girl. I’m really digging this floaty coral dress on Petra. The color and shape are super flattering. Of course, this show being what it is, obvz while throwing the merch into the ocean, Magda finds a live one and blows her hand (along with one of her eyes) right off. Likely this ensemble has gone to the great muumuu outlet mall in the sky.


More floaty, innocent goodness from Petra as she’s surrounded in coral colored decor, trying to coax her newly maimed mother into having a nice Thanksgiving dinner.

I think I’d actually kill someone for that hair. Ain’t got time for that nonsense though…


Jump to Thanksgiving, and Petra’s bringing Mateo’s lovey (aka fave stuffed animal aka I’m glad we finally learned what they were talking about because I’ve never heard that term before??) over to the Villanueva household in an emerald green halter that is absolutely stunning.

How sweet of her to bring it over. I think this pregnancy has changed Petra for the better, no?


Unfortunately, Magda’s up to her old tricks, and gauges Ivan in the neck when threatened.

And Petra wishes she never got her out of jail, amirite?


Part Two: Jane Villanueva’s overachieving finally catches up with her

Over in the Jane storyline, our titular character is prepping for her first day of grad school in a cute and casual striped tee and shorts.

Xiomara, as per usual, is in bedazzled short-shorts and a pretty great tank with patterned straps. I think this may be the most casual thing I’ve ever seen her wear.


Pre-class, Jane heads to Rafael’s to meet with an estate lawyer to sort out Mateos’ future should anything happen to them. Little does she know that Mateo is set to inherit a cool $40 mil…

Jane’s first day of school wear is adorbs and totally Jane. The fit and flare tank dress is her jam. Rafael is in his usual too tight button down, so we’ll just gloss right over it.


Post-meeting and pre-class still, Jane, Xo and Alba head to the set for Rogelio’s last day on The Passions of Santos. I might love Jane best in these high ponytails, which suit her bubbly personality so perfectly.

Alba’s looking unusually frumpy, and Xiomara is over the top gaudy, but it serves well when Jane gets spit up on, and is offered an outfit swap with both… Um, no.


I know he wears this all the time, but here’s one last glorious shot of Rogelio’s Presidente uniform.

Vanna White-ing a tiny directors chair for Mateo. Obvs.


Anyway, after that definitely necessary diversion, Rogelio gets wardrobe to find Jane something more appropriate for school. So our girl comes out with this little number, which is quite blah in the front…

…aaaand has a sequinned leopard on the back. Absolutely phenomenal. Oh, and Jane get skicked out of class very quickly for both being late and stepping out to take a phone call.


Jane’s also missing out on Mommy and Me class, which Rafael seems to be excelling at. Look at those moves. (Sidenote, if you aren’t following IRL new Dad Justin Baldoni on Instagram you are missing out on some really sweet Dad pics). (And if you aren’t following YKYLF on Instagram… what are you waiting for?)

Anyway, back to this class. Poor Jane’s not keeping up with anything, and to top things off, they find out soon after that Mateo needs to be fitted with a helmet to round out his head. D’awww.


In order to keep up with school, Jane takes of to a writers retreat, missing Mateo’s helmet fitting. In addition, she also forgets the plug for her breast pump. Raf to the rescue!

Hmm, casual Rafael is pretty hot. He should try non-spandex shirts more often.


As it turns out, one of the baby mamma’s at class thinks Rafael is smokin’ too, and asks Jane if it’s cool to ask hime out.

Yeah, not weird at all for you to ask out my son’s father, and my former boyfriend. Not weird at all…


To make matteres worse, Jane’s hectic schedule catches up to her and she falls asleep during class. So she gets kicked out of the class by her Hot Prof, played by Adam Rodriguez aka Cookie’s piece from Empire!

Her onle consolation is that adorable blouse, because thinkgs keep getting worse…


Jane manages to catch a fever from a clogged duct and goes into bitch mode, a rare sight for Jane and a fun turn of events for the show. Alba and Xiomara have seen it all before and explain to Rafael that it’s just the way she is when she’s sick.

There’s Abuela back in a stylin’ button down. I knew she couldn’t be frumpy forever. Xo’s wearing her usual brightly colored tank, and I’m guessing some hotpants or a mini skirt underneath? We all know girl doesn’t own a pair of actual pants let alone slouchy yoga or sweatpants.


Once everyone’s feeling better, Jane and Rafael come to the decision to make Mateo’s inheritance conditional, in that for every dollar he receives, he has to give one away to charity. A wonderful compromise.

And Jane’s wearing my fave look of the episode. Excuse me while I google “swan print wrap dress…” And how cute is that helmet on Mateo?


Jump to Thanksgiving again, and everyone is saying what they’re thankful for… 

I’m thankful for the holiday themed color coordination. The burgundy and oranges are just delightful here.


During a post dinner clean-up, Rafael finally asks Jane out on a date. YAY!

I’m not crazy about this dress on Jane, which seems both a bit young for her and is also weirdly reminiscent of the look her Mommy and Me rival wore earlier this episode? I do, however, love the earrings (which you can’t really see here, sorry) and the way her hair is done, so I give the overall look a B-.


Phew. If they keep up this pace, Mateo and Petra’s twins will be graduating from high school by the end of the season.