What Mindy Wore When She Pretended Her Fiance Was Dead

Since Danny’s still in California taking care of his sick father (Translation: Chris Messina is now a bigshot and off shooting some movie with Ben Affleck), Mindy continues to endure the struggles of single motherhood. With Danny gone for so long (4 episodes iis an eternity in TV time), Mindy’s missing him more than ever. Missing him so much that someone confuses her for a widow. Of course, when NBA basketball players and a generous apartment bid are involved, does lying about your very alive fiance really matter? …Nah.


Mindy is still the queen of matching “Mommy and Me” outfits.

I can’t with the two of them in red. 


We even get a shot of her gorgeous red oval earrings, when she changes out a dead lightbulb. Which I hope is not supposed to symbolize her independence from Danny.

Ahem, it’s a LIGHTBULB. Women can do things too, America!


Like multitask:

I love that we get a full glimpse of her outfit. Her bright red sweater and multicolored skirt just SCREAM Mindy. I love it!


Danny tells Mindy to sell her apartment (the stuff of Jonathan Adler dreams), which Mindy is finding difficult to do. Fortunately, she looks great making flyers for it:

Mindy’s zigzag dress is so unique and flattering. Of course doesn’t hurt to have teal heels with silver hardware.


Here’s another look at her dress:

Question: Does anyone else wonder who the other doctors and nurses are? And why they never speak in company meetings? And are the only ones wearing pastel?


Now comes my favorite outfit of the entire episode… or maybe, dare I say, the entire season so far???

I love this dress. The scalloped pockets! The belt (which matches the shoes)! The untraditional Peter Pan collar!


Untraditional Peter Pan collar:

This collar is an accessory all in itself. The metal detail, the scallop trim, the contrast outline… whoever made this dress has stolen my heart. Could it get any better?



Mindy shows up at a bereavement support group and perfectly punks up her girly, flirty dress with a leather sleeved coat, spiky heels, and a crossbody. She killed it. #toosoon?


After she comes clean to everyone, she goes home to grieve her husband’s disappearance. #toosoon?

She’s clearly dressing how she feels… right?

I am not into this rose sweater.


But I’m pretty into these kicks.


Still depressed and drinking wine (which seems as full from when Peter was there… or is it a 2nd bottle???), she calls Danny in her typical night outfit: pigtails and bright-colored PJs. 

But to her surprise, she hears his phone outside the door…


I mean… it has to be Danny, right? If it’s not him, then who? Is he staying on the show? Is he leaving Mindy and Leo? But seriously, does anyone have that Ben Affleck movie’s production schedule? Or better yet, Ben Affleck’s number? Anyone? Anyone?!