What Mindy Wore to Play the Race Card

Swayed by her love of exclusive things, Mindy becomes determined to enter Leo into an elite Manhattan preschool. So clearly she and Jody must pose as each other’s significant others to pull off the scheme, right? Obviously.


Mindy starts us off slow in this casual mom outfit at Leo’s music class. Props for the sparkly star tee, but YKYLFers, I have to tell you the truth: I despise down vests. 

They make no sense! Is her torso freezing but her arms are too cold? I do have to reluctantly admire the way this one’s floral pattern doubles down on the inherent nineties-ness of all down vests.


But all is forgiven the next day when Mindy pulls out her best office ensemble yet this season. Look at the cobalt blue of the coat next to the powder blue of the sweater vest.

Part of the genius of her wardrobe is the way she layers contrasting shades of the same color—she knows exactly how much contrast she needs to keep from getting matchy-matchy, and exactly how close the shades should be to harmonize with each other.


And she keeps the contrasting blue shades going under the coat.

Between the soft stripes on her shirt sleeves and the patterning on that gorgeous zip-front skirt, it’s like she’s been painting her clothes with watercolors, and I mean that in the best possible way.


Mindy decides to play the race card to game the preschool admissions system, which is ethically dubious but does lead to a pair of fantastic saris, so I’ll allow it.

This isn’t the greatest possible shade of yellow on Mindy—it washes her out just a little—but she’s accessorizing the hell out of it. Look how sparkly!


And for the open house, she breaks out yet another symphony in blue. 

First of all, she’s serving us another one of her impeccable coats. Check the subtle sparkle that’s been woven into the plaid.


The sari: gorgeous. The accessories: perfect.

The embroidery along the hem! The ring! The necklace so heavy-looking I am frankly shocked she can still hold her head up! I think this is the best sari we’ve seen Mindy wear on the show so far.


But lest we forget, she knows how to work Western clothes too.

As the lady herself says, she looks like a hot witch. Serena van der Woodsen approves of the boob window, and the diaphanous sleeves are perfect for someone with Mindy’s flair for the dramatic.


In last play for the approval of Little Doorway’s Preschool for Ethical Children, Mindy breaks out the salwar kameez.

Yellow paired with hot pink are old friends for Mindy; I think she devoted most of her attention that morning to Leo’s outfit.


Totally worth it. Who’s gonna reject this little cutie in a bowtie?


Instead, Mindy decides to reject the preschool and send her son to public school. And she takes this opportunity to show us that cobalt blue plays just as well off a rich violet as it does off powder blue. 

Between Mindy’s coat game and Petra’s shorts game over on Jane the Virgin, we’ve basically got both poles of extreme weather dressing covered here at YKYLF. We’re a pretty much a year-round resource of impractically beautiful fashion.


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