What Mindy Wore as a Single Mom

This is another one of those episodes they’ve been doing this season where Mindy is going through a personal crisis and as a result her wardrobe falters. As a TV viewer, I love those episodes and I think they do wonders for Mindy’s character. As a fashion recapper, I can’t help but be a little miffed. I miss Mindy’s wardrobe when it is not, to quote our most offensive new character, “all bright and colorful like the homosexual flag.”

So Danny’s off in California and Mindy’s juggling two jobs and a baby by herself. At the top of the episode, she’s clearly trying to draw strength from her power color of bright pink.

But I mean. That’s not a power outfit, Mindy. That is a ratty old hoodie, no matter how colorful it is.


When do you think Mindy Lahiri acquired a motto tee? Did she go through a hipster phase? Was she trying to be ironic?


So you remember a couple of weeks ago we talked about Mindy’s stay-at-home mom style rut? She was wearing a uniform of blue pajamas with white piping. Well . . . 

She’s mixing it up a little here with the purple PJs, but this is still a danger sign.


And now this! Mindy Lahiri, the woman with the most enviable coat closet in all of fictional Manhattan, is wearing this hideous khaki parka.

I refuse to believe that Mindy could ever have acquired such a thing. She would never, not even in the depths of the polar vortex.


Personally I quite like the stripes on the sweatshirt she’s wearing underneath it, but I mean, for me, a real person who likes wearing soft clothes.

Not for Mindy Lahiri, a fictional character who breathes glamour.


And now we come to it. We’re in the depths of the Mindy style rut:

Blue PJs with white piping. That means she’s hitting bottom.


But then she dresses them up with sleek black coat, and damned if it doesn’t look adorable.

The pajamas-as-formalwear look is so three years ago—four years, if you are Rihanna—but maybe Mindy should bring it back, because this is totally working for her.

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