Jane tries (and fails) to plan a party, Rafael wants custody, Petra gets a proposal, and Michael develops an elaborate plan to trap Sin Rostro that involves Swedish yodelers. (It’s pronounced jodelers, FYI). This show is an utter delight.


So Jane starts off the ep in her nice functional workout gear to celebrate no longer peeing her pants.


It’s lucky Lina isn’t breaking a sweat at this post-baby workout, because she’d get schmutz all over her fancy surprise-party-ready duds.

This racerback tank would great for an impromptu dance party, but that is much nicer fabric than I would feel comfortable sweating into. You just know that ish is dry clean only.


But Jane’s been so busy with her recently-kidnapped newborn that she hasn’t had time to plan Lina the surprise birthday party she promised. Which, you have to admit, is a pretty valid excuse. (She’s also juggling two cute boys, but that’s a less great excuse for blowing off your best friend’s twenty-fifth birthday.)

Here’s another one of Jane’s breastfeeding-friendly tops, now in pink chambray. Nice J. Crew cuffing there, Jane.


And she breaks out this sweet little polka-dot number to stalk Rafael and make sure he following her baby-care instructions. (He is not.)

How darling are those cap sleeves?


Jane’s dress is very girly, which is an interesting contrast to Petra’s black-and-white dress, all sleek tank silhouette to Jane’s soft frills.

The costuming is tying them together in the same week that they are both preparing to be mothers who are not in romantic relationships with their babies’ father. Of course, Jane in her sweetly romantic dress is handling this with maturity and reason and agreeing to work out custody deals.


Petra is seriously considering marrying her acid-throwing ex-boyfriend.

At least her shorts game remains on point.


Jane finally gets it together to go to Lina’s birthday celebration in one of her classic fit-and-flare dresses.

That dark green makes her skin glow, and the eyelet pattern keeps everything from getting too prim.


Lina, meanwhile, continues her commitment to the fashion of the ‘80s with this little off-the-shoulder number.

It’s the perfect complement to her Like a Prayer outfit from last week. I want Lina to wear an ‘80s music video outfit every episode now.


After she makes up with BFF, Jane continues handing her love triangle drama: She kisses Michael! There’s snow! It’s so romantic! But Rafael finds out! Gasp!


Personally I think that if Rafael wants to win Jane back, he needs to buy a new shirt. Dude’s worn, like, the same three shirts in a rotation this season. There’s the tight pink thing he wears every week.

And there’s the gray sweatshirt you will recall he wore in the angelic!Petra flashback in the season premiere.

I know he owns a tight blue buttondown but seriously, does he have more than three shirts? Isn’t he supposed to be rich?


Michael, like Rafael, sticks to a theme with his shirts—tight, and mostly blue to bring out his eyes.

But at least he mixes it up with a pattern here and there, you know?

Clearly this is what’s winning Jane over.


Meanwhile, Rogelio (a) confesses to being a former Scientologist, and (b) wears this amazing lilac silk robe.

Rogelio’s commitment to lilac is one of his greatest character traits, imo. The man knows how to work a signature color.


Xo is briefly jealous of Rogelio’s gloriously nuts ex-wife, but she works through it with a little bunny theft in yet another of her embellished rompers.

How many rompers does Xo have? Maybe rompers are her signature like lilac is Rogelio’s, and when she becomes a famous pop star the world will remember Xo by her rompers.


Next week: Britney Spears is coming to Miami! Why? Not really sure! But stop on by so we can dish about her outfits, and if you want to dish more, mosey on over here and find out how to write for us.