What Mindy Wore To Hire Help

OK, so this is what we come to this show for. 22 minutes of bright prints, knockout jewels, cozy PJs and the casual deployment of a Chanel bag to beat a proscuitto hanging from the ceiling. And of course, Mindy’s cutest accessory: the world’s most docile baby.


Mindy wakes up in PJs that apparently Danny doesn’t like, which mystifies me because this is exactly like the 300 other matching J. Crew sets she wears all the time. But whatever, maybe he’s just not into plaid?


Oh, Mindy. On another show, this next shot would be a point about how she’s so exhausted from motherhood, but this is more just a celebration of Danny being out of town. I take no issue with how she’s using the bed, particularly as Annette’s her live-in unpaid housekeeper (*important future plot point).


Ten seconds later, she’s out of bed and wearing this killer two piece outfit with a… I want to say, cosmos print? Universe fabulous. And of course the pink danglies and fuschia lippie to match.

Like, have you ever seen a more Mindy outfit in your life? When they make a Mindy Barbie doll, this is what she’ll be wearing.

Oh and you know she added this pink number from her bottomless pit of Chanel bags.

Are we counting the number of Chanel bags she has? Because I’m pretty sure we’re up to the double digits by now. Also I have to note that her extensions are looking uncharacteristically limp today. At least curl the ends, girl.


Determined to get Annette out of her apartment, despite the free slave labor (*future plot point), Mindy corrals Morgan to help her hire a  nanny. Which is basically just an excuse for him to pull out his obligatory Mrs. Doubtfire drag.

I feel like this is one of those ideas that was SO HILARIOUS in the writer’s room at 3 AM, particularly given that Ike Barinholtz is one of the show writers, right? In the light of day, it’s yet another Wacky Morgan Subplot which is one wacky subplot too many for me.

Nice gams, though.


Let’s cleanse our collective palettes with Mindy’s black and white and yellow look. She makes sweater vests look high fashion in a way nobody has since Mallory Keaton (Google it, you’ll thank me).

Cute print, fun patterns, shiny hair… this is the Mindy we tune in to see. Although the Elsa side braid is getting to be old news. Having seen how cute Mindy Kaling’s IRL lob is, why can’t the show let Dr. Lahiri get a trim?


Dr. Mindy Lahiri cute coat #568:

Tweed has never been so ferosh.


But the length is a bit long, no? I mean, if I saw this in the store and I was fabulously rich, I’d buy it too. But we’ve seen cuter coats on Mindy, and I think the issue is the length.


I can’t miss this opportunity to compliment Cristin Milioti’s amazing bitchface in the role of Whitney. After playing lovable sweethearts on HIMYM and A to Z, you can tell she’s relishing the role of a cocaine addict who gets to make faces like this all the time:

Thank goodness she finally cut those excessively long bangs. And maybe this Lady Mary-adjacent ‘do can inspire Dr. Lahiri to make the chop?


And for your weekly adorbsathon moment, here’s Baby Leo in a dinosaur (dragon?) onesie:

I feel like his baby coat wardrobe is going to rival his mother’s, and I am here for it.