We’ve all been there: you’re so bummed about summer ending and then so busy with school starting that it’s the last week of October before you know it. With Halloween coming up this weekend, here are some costume ideas from our fav TV characters featuring pieces you (or your friend/siblings/relatives) have on hand already in your closet!


What you have: leftover prom/formal/bridesmaid/wedding dress

Go as: Any of the female characters from Reign. Long sleeves, cap sleeves, sleeveless… provided your gown’s got a floor-length skirt, you can plausibly claim to be Mary or any of her ladies. Just put your hair half-back with maybe a tiara, flower wreath or embellished comb and you’re set.


What you have: last year’s leftover Disney princess outfit

Go as: any of the PLLs from last season’s fairytale prom finale! Rip up your old Maleficent, Snow White or Sleeping Beauty outfit, throw on a wrestler belt (because who doesn’t own one of those?) and show up as Emily, Hanna or Aria:

As discussed in our recap, not sure what Spencer’s doing. It’s the first and only time she’s placed fourth in the outfit sweepstakes.

Bonus points if you and your squad do this as a group of four and have someone in a black hoodie trail after you for the whole party. Speaking of…


What you have: a black hoodie

Go as: A, any of them, from any season of PLL.

Also a great outfit for if you’re feeling bloated, forgot you had a party to go to, or want to be able to skulk in and out of a party without anyone noticing.


What you have: last summer’s shorts, drapey tops and/or sundresses

Go as: Jane OR Xo from Jane the Virgin. Jane’s dresses are shorter and sweeter, while Xo goes for Miami drama and a lot of hi-lo hems. This costume would be especially cute if you’re going out with your actual mother (or daughter) and/or grandmother.

The perfectly curled ends are also a crucial part of this look.


Then, just to make sure everyone knows what you’re doing, bring along an armload of Target bags.

Everyone will get the point.


What you have: a baby

Go as: Mindy and Baby Leo!! Just throw on matching or complementary patterns and you’re good to go.


What you have: last year’s flapper costume

Go as: any of the Crowley ladies! For a Lady Mary, accessorize with your most pompous accent and glare at everyone you come into contact with.


For Lady Edith, cling to a doll (or actual child) you refer to as Marigold but pretend isn’t really your daughter.

And for Lady Rose, ensure your hair and brows don’t match but you’re so sweet nobody notices or cares.


** This look also works for ladies of all ages! Put on a girlish voice and a vacant look to be Cora. Add a fancy hat and a walking stick to be the Dowager Countess.


What you have: leopard print anything

Go as: her majesty, Cookie Lyon! While the grand dame of primetime TV wears many different patterns, leopard is her signature print. As long as it’s tight and worn with about 10 lbs of heavy duty jewellery, everyone will know who you are.

And if they don’t know who you are? Give them the stank face until they do.


What you have: scrubs

Go as: Dr. Mindy Lahiri and/or Tamra. Work in a hospital, dental office or vet’s office and no time to change before your big shindig? Throw on some fresh scrubs, put on way more makeup than you’d ever wear to work normally, and drink like Mindy and Tamra wish they could during work hours.


What you have: prep school uniform pieces

Go as: Do I really need to say? As if anyone who reads this website needs a primer in how to dress like Blair Waldorf or Serena van der Woodsen. Put on your school uniform, some colored tights or knee-highs, a headband or fascinator, and your best sneer. Spent the whole party furtively texting.

Bonus snaps if you bring along two color-coordinated minions to trail after you OR if you go as a team of a blonde and brunette and spent the party secretly spreading rumors about the other.

You know you love us. xoxo YKYLF