What Mindy Wore for Her 30 Seconds of Screentime

Y’all, this was not The Mindy Project’s finest hour, sartorially speaking. This week we went on a road trip with the two most boring dressers on the show . . . and that’s it. No wacky subplots! No romcom montages of technicolor office wear! At least Mindy’s two outfits were fierce for all thirty seconds we saw of them.


So, Morgan and Danny are going on a road trip to California to tend Danny’s sick father/meet his fake longlost son. (Long, not that interesting story.) On the first day of this trip, they wear plaid and gray, respectively.

On the second day, they wear plaid and gray, respectively.

And on the third day, they mix it up a little with some plaid and gray.

Seriously, Mindy Kaling, did I do something to offend you? Is that why you’re putting me through this? Look, I’m sorry I said I didn’t like Danny in the season finale last season; I’ll take it back if you never make me watch an outfit montage this sad again.


This, incidentally, is the kid Danny thinks he’s the dad to for a hot second.

Cute kid. As Morgan points out he looks nothing like Danny (Danny, who does not realize this, is supposed to be a medical doctor, just noting for the record), but he’s just as boring a dresser as his fake dad is.


At least Mindy does not waste her 30 seconds of screentime.

Is this a wrap dress? Is it an elaborate kimono? I do not know and I do not care. The lush pink satin! The sequins! The playful-but-not-overwhelming print! Mindy is the undisputed TV queen of both pink and prints.


And check the triangle print on her shirt. A little prim, but not too twee. Just right. 

And Leo’s whale-print blanket! So cute you could just die.


You guys, we are all caught up! We return you now to your regular recapping schedule. Come hang out with us next Friday to discuss outfits that will hopefully be better than these. And if you want to talk more outfits, come write for us!