What Mindy Wore to Fight the Patriarchy

That’s more like it! This season has been off to a slow start, outfit-wise, but we make some great progress in this episode. We’re not quite back to the pre-Hulu glory days of twelve outfits per ep, but baby steps my friend, baby steps. This week Mindy debuts her new haircut, fights the patriarchy, decides to make a stab at being a stay-at-home mom, and goes through six total outfits.


Granted, two of Mindy’s outfits this week are pajamas, which personally I think is cheating.

Are these pajamas super cute? Sure. Mindy loves her a patterned PJ set with piped edges, and to be fair, it’s a classic look.


And these are also super cute! But, Mindy, come on, this is the second set of blue patterned pajamas with piped edges you’ve worn this episode and we haven’t even hit the credits yet!

From a fashion POV it’s boring, but for the show as a whole, it’s pretty ingenious. When Mindy’s in a style rut, it means that she’s bored. The pajama repetition is showing us how bored Mindy is at home, foreshadowing how bored she’s about to be in her attempt to stay-at-home mom it.


Adorably, she’s continuing to match her clothes to Leo’s, although she’s a little less literal about it this week than last.

Aw, look at them chilling in their navy-and-white stripes and catching up on Dora the Explorer. It’s no wonder Mindy thinks staying at home with Leo is her best option: they’re in total synch.


When she ventures out of the house, she’s got a new uniform.

Fierce candy-colored leather jacket, patterned top in a contrasting shade of the same color, and skirt. It’s not a bad template. We see it in the opening montage in green . . .


. . .  and again in pink in Mindy’s first day back at work.

Who could blame her for buying that leather jacket in every color? It’s killer; slightly edgier than her usual wool coats, but a perfect match for her flippy new haircut.


Not that the new hair doesn’t also work with the wool coats!

Sticking in her power color, Mindy’s looking sleek and profesh, a perfectly put-together working mom.


Although what she’s wearing under the coat isn’t exactly her best outfit ever.

The sweater is fine on its own, but combined with the denim mini it’s giving off some seventh-grade honor-roll-student vibes. But Mindy has more important things to worry about.


Not only does she have a new haircut and a new baby, but she also has a new co-worker, a self-proclaimed sexist named Jody.

Jody’s favorite accessories are a colorful tie and an expression of superiority.


Look, I’m not going to claim the man doesn’t know how to pick a damn good tie, but I’m pretty sure 80% of his dialogue is quoting directly from an MRA subreddit.

Which drives an indignant Mindy back to Leo to give stay-at-home parenting a try. Don’t do it, Mindy! You were born to work outside the home.


Come back on Tuesday for the last of our catch-up coverage to see how Mindy dresses to stay at home with the baby. After that we’ll be back to our regular schedule, posting recaps every Friday. And if you’re funny and you like fashion, come write for us!