When we were deciding on shows to cover this season, one title kept coming up: Jane the Virgin. And it’s true, ever since True Blood ended, we’ve had a lack of cute Southern sundresses over here. Plotwise, Jane has it all: Gossip Girl/Revenge level scheming, Gilmore Girls-adjacent female familial bonds, season one Glee-era over-the-top soapiness, and a level of gratuitous shirtlessness not seen since PLL season two. Who can turn that down?


So what’s the deal?


Meet Jane Gloriana Villanueva, aspiring romance novel author, teacher-in-training, and avowed virgin. Who accidentally gets knocked up during a routine pap smear.

It’s a long story: settle in.


So, both pre- and during her pregnancy, Jane’s go-to look is a a white top or dress with a sweet print:




Her hemlines are impressively high throughout the pregnancy, while maintaining her classy good-girl vibe:


And she’s equally lovely and suited for dressy events:

Ok so this blue tent is not her greatest look, but to be fair, girlfriend’s totes pregz here.


Naturally, she also kills it with her cazh pregnant lady chilling around the house looks:


Plus? Her sleepwear gets the Mindy Lahiri stamp of approval:

Also important: her hair is never not on point. Possibly due to pregnancy hormones? Not sure.


The men in her life

So, she just so happened to have gotten knocked up with the only remaining sample from Rafael Solano:

Yeah, things could be worse.


Rafael is the owner of the hotel where Jane also works. He’s also a former playboy, Jane’s former crush, and owner of a top notch set of abs. His fashion is mostly of the Daniel Grayson shrink-wrapped stretch fabric suit variety, but it’s Miami, so I’ll allow it:


An early roadblock to their love (other than the technicality that he’s married) is that he’s rich and she’s not. But a sweet Target date got him on team frugal living:

Full disclosure: this show is sponsored by Target or something because the characters are constantly talking about or going to Target (or just lugging around Target branded bags).

But look how swoonworthy they make it all look!

Also: mad props to Jane for rocking those 6″ heels and that hemline while totes pregz. #respect


The other point of her lurrrve triangle is Michael, Jane’s longtime BF and briefly, fiance:

Also: former resident of Ravenswood.


Like Jane, at the beginning of season one, Rafael seemed like the exciting, sexy new choice with Michael as basically #TeamJacob. But the more we got to know Michael, and see how he and Jane work as a couple, the more I found myself veering more onto #TeamMichael.


Jane’s family:

But forget the love triangle. The real axis of love on this show is the bond between Jane, her mother, and her Abuela.

This combination of multi-generational unconditional family love AND knockout Florida fashions is giving me life right now.


Jane’s mother, Xiomara (“Xo”), is a former teen mom and aspiring pop music icon. She’s the kind of Mom who wears bedazzled short shorts to the appointment where she learns she’s going to be a grandmother.

Though to be fair, neither of them expected that would be the diagnosis at this particular medical appointment (see: Jane the Virgin).


As the season goes on and Xo’s life circumstances change, we see a gradual change in her wardrobe too.


What causes these changes? Oh, just the sudden re-appearance of her babydaddy who she hasn’t seen in 23 years and who is now the George Clooney of telenovelas:


And then Abuela, Jane’s grandma, is a solid gold rock star. She also only speaks in Spanish, and almost accidentally started dating a Catholic priest played by Cheech Marin who she met at physio after being thrown down a flight of stairs:

That was just episode 9, you guys. This show.


The other woman:

Of course, this show is more than just a bunch of people who love and support Jane. Although… it kind of is? Anyway, one of the people putting a wrench in everyone’s plans is Rafael’s ex-wife, Petra.

aka Olivia from Reign.


Reign viewers may remember how Olivia was the only woman on the show to hook up with both Francis and Nostradamus. She breaks that record here quite quickly, hooking up not only with Rafael but also with Rafael’s bad boy best friend, the long-lost twin of said bad boy (who turns out to actually be the original guy) AND Rafael’s other sort-of evil former friend.


She’s also the best shorts-wearer on TV since Hart of Dixie ended. Girlfriend is equally skilled with the varsity level challenge of wearing white skinnies:

She’s also basically cursed.


That’s a super-quick intro to this show. I wouldn’t worry too much about catching up, though, as JtV has its own Emmy-nominated narrator who makes sure the audience is up to speed with the fast paced plot twists.

But basically, after 22 episodes of FLAT OUT BONKERS PLOT TWISTS, season one ended with the arrival of the show’s newest character, Jane’s son, Mateo Gloriano Rogelio Solano Villanueva!

… who was promptly kidnapped, but then is Jane the Virgin, so: of course.


JtV returns tomorrow night, and we’ll be recapping it here every Thursday.

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