Mindy’s scheduled her C-section at the swankest birthing suite in NYC, but Danny has other ideas. After a visit to the insufferable midwives, Danny pulls out all the stops to induce labor—spicy foods, massage, nipple stimulation—but all he causes is a fight with Mindy during which he calls her a coward for wanting to be knocked out during labor. The next day, of course, Mindy’s water breaks while she’s stuck on the subway under Penn Station with Morgan and the Delauriers brothers. Because this is a TV show, Leo does not immediately get hepatitis once exposed to the NY Subway system. Danny races to the train just in time to tell Mindy he thinks she’s a stone-cold bitch and “even tougher than Ma.” Yes, baby Leo is born, but even more importantly, we learn Mindy’s mantra: “save my money and spend his.”

Just like episode one, we’re not looking at many wardrobe changes for the fabulous Ms. Mindy. Look, I’m grateful that Hulu saved the show, but couldn’t they have put more of that sweet internet money into the wardrobe budget? Is an episode of The Mindy Project with only three outfits really an episode at all?

While you ponder that, let’s check out yet another cute offering from Mindy’s endless sleepwear wardrobe.

The scooped pintuck neckline saves this otherwise traditional nightgown from being dowdy. Then again, our girl is 9 months pregnant and still trying to get a piece of Diamond Dan. Mindy couldn’t be dowdy if she tried.


I don’t get what Danny’s problem is. Who wouldn’t want to give birth in a Z Gallerie showroom? More importantly, this is a birthing suite once booked by Tina Fey and Beyonce. Let’s be real: if anyone is given the chance to lie on the same matress as Queen Bey, they should take it. Mindy is giving Danny’s child the gift of life. The least he can do is let Mindy share Queen Bey’s bed bugs.

To tour the suite, Mindy is in head to toe hot pink – her power color, no question about it. She toughens up an otherwise sweet tank dress with a badass leather motorcycle jacket. I love how Mindy pops against all the greys and blues of the room.

A rare full body shot! I love when we get these and can see the whole look, complete with shoes. In Mindy’s case, the hot pink shoes complete her Elle Woods-leads-a-biker-gang outfit.

Points to Mindy for wearing 4″ stilettos while 9 months pregannt. I can’t even wear a heel when I have a food baby, let alone if I had a full-term human making my feet all swollen.


I have repeatedly called out the general awfuleness of Mindy’s wigs. Look, I get that it can be a pain to style hair. But her weave is just the worst. Yes, it allows for super cute hairstyles like this wrap-around braid. However …

Mindy. What is happening. Why is there random blonde yarn hanging out of your braid?

Girl, this is not okay. You are running a TV show. You have that sweet, sweet The Office money. Please, I beg of you, find a good colorist and stylist. You are wasting a Game of Thrones braid on the cheap K-Mart extensions found in the back of Murray’s Jeep in Clueless.


But, as is always the case, Mindy’s hair is overshadowed by a truly fabulous outfit. In this case, Mindy gives birth in a very Jackie Kennedy ensemble: a coral dress with a knit collar, paired with a matching 3/4 sleeve coat.

If Mindy Kaling and her wardrobe department should fund the next season by launching a line of maternity wear. Look at the dress! If only we could all look so chic while giving birth on a subway.

The wide scoop is such a flattering neckline for Mindy, and I really love coral on her – it’s so much less harsh than the hot pinks from the earlier scene. But the whole thing is just fab and might be my favorite thing she’s worn in a while.

The episode ends with the gang crowded around Mindy, Danny, and Leo at the hospital. It’ll give you the warm and fuzzies, but Mindy is in a hospital gown and not an adorable silk PJ set as she would undoubtedly be had she made it to the birthing suite. A devastating loss to us all.

Let’s hope that episode 3 features more wardrobe changes. Come back on Tuesday to the looks of 4×03, and until next time, remember: save your money, spend his.