What Mindy Wore to an Alternate Reality

While Danny’s in India meeting her parents, a heartbroken Mindy pulls a Sliding Doors and dreams herself into an alternate reality where she’s with Joseph Gordon-Levitt instead of Danny. (Y’all, I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s an upgrade, but it’s damn close, isn’t it?) She’s easing herself and us into the new season and the new platform, taking things slow to start. How do I know this? Because Mindy Lahiri, the woman who once went through four separate outfits in the pre-credits teaser, wears only three outfits in this entire episode.


Mindy may have raided the New Girl pajama wardrobe before she left for Hulu, because these cherry-printed PJs are downright Jess Day-worthy. Plus, that side-braid. Why do only TV characters look this cute when they’re getting ready for bed?

I’m going to take this thematically appropriate moment (she’s about to fall asleep!) to note that I’m super excited Mindy Kaling went for a Sliding Doors/It’s a Wonderful Life homage this episode, instead of following the plot of the movie she references in the title. All to respect to Mindy Kaling, but While You Were Sleeping would be impossible to pull off in a half hour. (Seriously, if you haven’t seen this movie you have to check it out, it’s nuts. Sandra Bullock convinces the family of this guy who’s in a coma that she’s his fiancé, even though they’ve literally never spoken, and then when he wakes up and doesn’t remember her they all assume he has amnesia, but after all that [spoilers!] she ends up falling in love with his brother. So nuts. How can you do that masterpiece justice in under thirty minuts?)


While she’s sleeping (see what I did there?) Mindy dreams that she is married to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the dreamy producer of Real Housewives: White vs. Black, aka Mindy’s dream guy.

Solid call, Mindy’s subconscious. Solid call. JGL is so charming I am willing to overlook his poorly-fitted and wrinkled shirt.


At least alternate reality Mindy still knows how to do business cazh with the best of the them. 

The pop of red flowers against the black-and-white print is gorgeous, and that TVD-worthy leather jacket adds just enough edge.


To her horror, Mindy realizes that (a) alternate reality Danny hates her, and (b) she and JGL have an open marriage, which does not sit well with our rom-com-loving girl. (Sidenote: when is Hollywood going to make the great polyamorous rom-com? I feel like it should write itself! And no, Jules et Jim does not count.) So she marches off to make things right with Danny in this killer LBD.

So sparkly! With the embellished plunging neckline and the dangling diamond earrings. Girlfriend does not play.


Sadly for alternate reality Mindy, alternate reality Danny is dating Freida Pinto and Mindy gets hit by a bus. Happily for real Mindy, Danny is so overcome by how awesome her parents are that he realizes not all marriages are terrible.

Can we take a sec to deal with the adorableness of the Lahiri parents here? And check those earrings on Mama Lahiri. Now we know where Mindy learned to accessorize.


Having finally seen a functional marriage in action, Danny heads back to New York to propose to Mindy.

This season is going to be full of baby showers and wedding planning for sure, but I hope that the lack of outfits in this episode was an outlier. I don’t know what to do with a world where Mindy Lahiri only changes her clothes twice over the course of a half-hour show.


Housekeeping note: I know, I know, we’re late! Sorry, YKYLFers. Here’s how we’re gonna catch up: we’ll be posting recaps every three days until we’re up to date with what’s aired on Hulu. So come back on Thursday, October 8, to catch all of the looks from 4.02, and then come back again on Monday, October 12, to get the rundown on 4.03. There’s no way we’re missing the chance to discuss what Mindy Lahiri is going to wear to her wedding.