I see that horizon, and it’s coming faster than I’d like. With only two episodes to go (sniff, sigh) Team SC&P are officially moving into their new offices within McCann Erickson…in theory. Don has a kind of realization that he’s just another copywriter, walks out of a big meeting, and heads on a cross-country trip to find Diana. Peggy’s office isn’t ready on moving day, and she’s forced to work from her deteriorating SC&P office, but at least she has Roger around for company. And our poor Joan has — quite possibly — the worst week ever, but damn, does she look great during it.


How symbolic are stuck-in-the-sixties Don and Meredith walking down that totally seventies hallway at McCann? 

A blue suit and a white baby doll against all of that brown and suede and sideburns? Puh-leese! They don’t know what they’re in for.


Let’s give a little shout-out to Meredith to sticking to what she knows and what works on her.

Super girly with loads of color. Don’t be fooled by her innocent look though, she knows her shit and doesn’t take any from anyone.


But I digress: During a big meeting in which Don hears the same line being thrown around about Ted Chaough that was spewed at him during a meeting with the higher ups, he stares out the window at the Empire State Building, gets up, and walks out. Love that he takes his box lunch with him.

Don wears this one suit pretty much all episode, but it’s always a variation on the same for Don, so what’s the difference? Adventurous tie, I guess?


He takes that suit over to Betty’s to pick up Sally and take her back to school, only she’s already left. It does give these beautiful exes a chance to have a surprisingly civil and sweet moment together.

Betty’s still in 1960s housewife mode, but that color is a dream on her. So is the smile. Maybe she’s actually getting a happy ending in all of this.


Missing out on seeing any of his kids, Don decides to head west to try and find Diana. Who should pop up as Don’s conscience? IT’S BERT EFFING COOPER!

What a legend. Quoting Kerouac and everything as Don continues to drive.


Right up until he lands at the door of Diana’s ex-husband. He manages to meet this little spitfire, also known as Diana’s daughter.

This little girl is stylin’. Not only is she wearing trousers (in red!) she has hair-down-to-there and a gorgeous peasant top to wrap up that seventies vibe in a neat little package. The future is nigh, Don.


After being unceremoniously kicked out of the house, Don heads further west in can what can only be imagined as a fruitless search for Diana.

He then manages to pick up a hitchhiker on the way to wherever the hell he’s headed and makes a right turn due north to St. Paul. Don’s definitely searching for something. Happiness? Love? Booty?


Meanwhile, back at the SC&P offices, Shirley finds Roger to tell him she’s leaving because, in not so many words, advertising is not a place for black women (or men, I guess). But dammit if we’re not having the major sads over you leaving, Shirley.

Color! Pattern! Legs for days! Shirley, you were underused and we at YKYLF appreciate the boldness with which you dressed for work. You will be missed.


On the more conservative side, Peggy wears yet another skirt suit to the dismantled offices of SC&P, as her new office at McCann isn’t ready.

Green is your color Pegs, but can we mix it up a little, a la Shirley? Be brave!


Not listening to me, then? All right. Peggy’s still stuck in her now “open concept” office, and in yet another skirt suit. Do we reckon Peggy has a vast skirt suit wardrobe like Jess’s endless pajama sets on New Girl?

Peggy tries to get some work done, but manages to not do a whole hell of a lot since she’s not even in her correct office.


She does manage to get really creeped out when she hears organ music coming from within the offices, until she discovers Roger’s still there. Where on earth did that organ come from, anyway?

Unwilling to run to the store to get alcohol, Peggy easily persuades Roger into drinking vermouth, and they get to reminiscing. I think this is the first time Roger and Peggy have had any kind of interaction, no? At least Peggy’s kicking it up a notch with that red blouse. And Roger’s still rocking the ‘stache. 


Back to the organ after at least one bottle of booze, Roger plays a nice little tune and Peggy roller skates around the empty office. 

A funny, albeit random, send off. And where did those skates come from?


I don’t know about you guys, but I could watch Peggy strut down that hallway at McCann for infinity. 



Our other working girl, Joan, is immediately approached by the welcoming committee over at McCann.

I’m not crazy about this look on Joanie. It’s a bit too flowy for her, but the color does help her stand out against the sea of McCann staffers.


After an unfortunate encounter with an arrogant colleague, Joan vents a little to Don in the elevator.

That’s more like it Joan. A nice form fitting, feminine look, to convince your boss to kick that other douche-wad off your accounts.


Though you may have turned to the wrong man for help, as he only wants to get you in the sack…

Creepiest. Handshake. Ever.


And after receiving a sketchy note from Ferg, Joan heads to the top, threatening lawsuits and feminist rallies if she’s dropped without receiving her half-million dollar salary. 

Another woman looking fierce in emerald, Joan is on the verge of tears, as she’s given the option of half her money or nothing at all. 


Roger convinces her to take the money and run, even though for Joan, it’s not really about the money.

Funeral wear for Joanie as her career at McCann dies.


Only two episodes left, and I’m wondering if this was Joan’s sendoff. Will we never see her again? I’m hyperventilating just thinking about it.