This week on The Little Girl Who Cried Revenge (!!!): Out on bail, Emily’s given an alarm bracelet and put on house arrest. You know that lasts six hot seconds before Nolan’s encrypted her way out. Of course, they missed one loophole in police tech (Jack, you had one job…) and she gets thrown in without parole again. But, intent to prove Margaux is complicit in Victoria’s “death,” she goes all Crazy Eyes on the European fairy. So the unlikely duo of Louise and Hot Cop start to think that perhaps Victoria’s not really dead, which takes Hot Cop to New Jersey where he finds… Victoria is TOTALLY NOT DEAD!! Just in time to get shanked by Courtney Love WHITE GOLD!!! The way this show is going, the only one left standing at the end of next week’s finale will be Baby Carl.


This Week’s Targets
Emily’s out to prove her innocence, while behind the scenes, Victoria and Mason work to get her sent off to jail for life.

Gala/Caper of the Week
Retrospectively, we see how Victoria faked her own murder/suicide in a series of plot twists right out of Agatha Christie.

Best Dressed
As our main gal spent the episode in prison orange, the only notable fashion I recall is Louise’s bizarrely inappropriate fringe-sleeved ensemble worn to grieve V in her apartment.

Most Soapy Amazatron Moment:
Things take a PLL turn as a totally innocuous black hoodie is immediately recognized as THE black hoodie worn by V’s mysterious attacker a few weeks ago. Because there’s only one black hoodie in The Hamps, apparently. 


Check back on Wednesday to see what Constance makes of this week’s penultimate episode!!